AAP Thinks It Is Above The Supreme Court

AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has been spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising and people are concerned over the misuse of taxpayers’ money. In a judgment, Supreme Court held that taxpayer’s money couldn’t be spent to build “personality cults” of political leaders. The Supreme Court asked ruling parties to not publish photographs of political leaders or prominent personalities in government advertisements but AAP isn’t keen on following this law.

There was a petition filed by a Delhi based NGO in July 2015 against the glorified ads displaying AAP’s party head and CM of Delhi Arvind Kerjiwal and other ministers. Delhi government acknowledged the violation of the law and assured the court that all hoardings in violation of the guidelines will be taken down. But Delhi’s government didn’t take any action regarding this and we can still see how Delhi government is still on the same track and violating Supreme Court’s ruling, glorified advertisements are still getting published in leading newspaper and TV channels across the country.

Except for violating the Supreme Court’s ruling, AAP spends crores on advertising. On August 3 AAP government informed the court that it had spent Rs 20 crore on advertisements in the last three months. Spending crores for 3 months of publicity is huge and irresponsible when there are people starving and living below poverty line, people who aren’t getting proper medical treatment because Delhi’s CM is busy promoting himself. If AAP wasn’t a political party it would have been a marketing agency and Kejriwal will be heading it.


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