AAP: Conflicts and Broken Promises

At the time of Delhi polls, Arvind Kejriwal made big promises to lure the voters, promises that were impractical and unrealistic. AAP government has not been able deliver on their promises and has started with the blame game. AAP has been blaming central government and other agencies to hide his misdeeds and not taking responsibilities for their action.

AAP government has standard excuses of everything and anything they can’t do. Most of AAP energies goes in deciding whom to blame, if only they have used this much and time in fulfilling their promises Delhi who have improved a lot.

It is not just the misgovernance and not delivering promises but Arvind Kejriwal’s conflict with others which because of his ego he is not ready to resolve for the betterment of city. The never ending tussle between Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governow, Najib Jung would not lead to anything good for Delhi and its citizens. Kejriwal is completely ignoring the plight of people of Delhi, Kejriwal is nurturing his ego and not working towards resolving the conflict. What kejriwal doesn’t understand it isn’t about him, it is about the betterment of the state and its citizen. This conflict is not just bad for the state but administration as well. This isn’t the first time they have had conflict and by the looks of it doesn’t seem like last as well. God Bless Delhi and its citizens.


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