How Talk To AAP Was Scripted/Fixed

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal was live on facebook on 17th July at 11Am on #TalktoAk show. It looks like the show was inspired from from PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme. In Talk to AK public could ask questions to Arvind Kejriwal and gives him the opportunity to interact with the citizens.

The show seemed like Kejriwal is trying to project himself as “Modi’s Equal” and also suggesting that Talk to AK is a better idea because it is a dialogue, a two way conversation unlike PM’s Mann ki Baat which is a monologue. Kejriwal hyped the show not to just project himself equal to Modi but also to gain publicity which he loves to do.

I don’t think public is going to believe in Kejriwal’s marketing gimmick, everyone knows that Kejriwal pull such stunts for his publicity and to stay in news. He should be given an award for best marketing strategist and change his profession from politics to marketing.

There are speculation that Talk to AK was a scripted show to boost the publicity of Kejriwal. There is one leaked video that proves that the show was pre-planned and the questions and answers on the show were fixed. Not only that Kejriwal only took up questions that popularized his image and only boosted about himself and his party and the work they have been doing.


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