Delhi Government Failed To Curb Crime Against Women

Crime rates against women has risen in Delhi, it has increased 20%in the last one year. In a report published by The Hindu in 2015, it was confirmed that crime against women has increased and has the most number of rape cases and Delhi was declared as “rape capital’ of India based on data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Out of the four metro cities of India, Delhi has the most number of reported cases which is 1,813 rape cases per one-lakh member of the population and Kolkata was reported the safest city with 36 cases per one lakh population. These figures are really disturbing specially when AAP promised to improve women’s secuirty and making it a priority but we can see by the stats that the crimes has increased in a year.

AAP government and Arvind Kejriwal promised women’s safety if they come to power but after the polls they have failed miserably in delievering on their promise. Kejriwal promised setting up fast track court to speed up the judicial process for crime against women but after one year of being in power there is not even a single fast track court that has been set up by the government to ensure the jusitce for women. Kejriwal held Sheila Dikshit responsible for the increased crime rates in Delhi but I wonder what he has to say now when the crime against women in Delhi has gone up by 20% in 2015 as compared to 2014.

After becoming Delhi’s CM, Kejriwal has completely forgotten about his responsibilities and has started with his infamous blame game and this time he is blaming the PM and takes no responsibility for the increase in crime rate against women or a step towards improving the safety of women in Delhi. The data released by NCRB is scary and I hope Kejriwal ends the blame game soon and start working towards women’s safety and justice.



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