AAP Dissents forms Apna Punjab Party

Kejriwal’s ‘authoritarian’ nature gets AAP in trouble again. Few member of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) resigned from the party to form a new group Apna Punjab Party to raise issues of Punjab and people of Punjab. Karanjit Singh Sran, Babu Singh Brar and Faridkot are among the few members of AAP who resigned from party on Sunday.

During the press confrence Karamjit Singh Sran mentioned that AAP has abandoned its principles and that is the reason for resigning from AAP. Resigned members also state that AAP is selling fake dreams to people and dude to Kejriwal’s dictorial approach no one in the party has the freedom to speak. A lot of people join AAP with the belief that they are going to end corruption and make their state better but in reality AAP just sells fake dreams to people for votes and to come in power.

The resigned members also mentions that AAP doesn’t haveany agenda or plan for what they are promising. It isnt the first time, during Delhi’s election Kejriwal promised a lot of things but he fell short when it came to delievering.

Is this Kejriwal’s and AAP stratergy to come in power?  Why the issues of Kejriwal being ‘authoritarian’ comes up all the time? Why are people always resigning from AAP? I think AAP is digging its own grave by not giving it’s party member a place to speak and not fulfilling the promises they make during the election. People are understanding how Kejriwal and AAP is manupuliating the public and they are done with the manupulation.



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