Mega Political Show In The Name Of Mega PTM In Delhi

Recently first Parents Teacher Meeting(PTM)  took place in over 2,500 government schools in the capital Delhi, parents of around 16 akh students came to attended this “Mega PTM”. Government organized this Mega PTM to promote quality of education and bring government schools at par with the private schools.

Parents queued up in the schools waiting for their turn to get feedback about their ward’s performance. However, the initiative didn’t go as well as planned as an alleged suicide of a girl who ended her life afte her teacher gave negative feedback to her mother and got scolded for it.

A lot of people are terming it as new experiment and a “mega political show” by AAP governement. AAP government has been terming it as the first ever PTM in government schools. However the government schools teachers tell a different story, PTM’s have been happening in Delhi government schools on a regular basis under the supervision of a school management committee which constitutes of NGO and MLA’s though it was the first time it was happening on a larger scale.

It wasn’t the first effort and as it seems like it wasn’t well planned effort and teachers weren’t really trained to or guided on how to handle parents and teachers. A little girl lost her life because a teacher didn’t know the right way to critque and the child couldn’t take the criticism of teachers and her mother. Next time when AAP does this kind of experiment, I hope they think it through and implement it properly with proper precautions.


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