AAP MLA Booked For Cheating With Fake Graduation Degree

Haryana police has booked AAP MLA from Delhi Cantonment Surinder Singh on the charge of cheating after Singh was accused of getting a government job on the basis of fake education degree. AAP Haryana leader Naveen Jaihind suggests that it is done by BJP and an atmosphere is created to “browbeat AAP MLA’s”.

AAP MLA Surinder Singh is employed as a physical education teacher in government school in Jhajjar which he allegedly got on the basis of forged degree. It isn’t the first time that AAP MLA is under heat for fake degree. AAP’s party leader Arvind Kejriwal always bosted on being a honest party and a party of MLA’s that doesn’t have any legal cases against them but with time it has been proven that AAP’s MLA’s aren’t as clean as they are shown. Recently 12 AAP MLA’s were arrested by the Delhi Police on different reasons from assault to sexual harassment.

A party that takes prides on being honest and corruption free it comes as a shock when they are accused and arrested for their wrong doings. AAP MLA’s suggests that it is being done by BJP government as a vendata against them but even BJP can’t accuse in thin air, there are facts to these accusations and they are coming to light right now. AAP’s clean image is not so clean anymore with these accusations and cases against them and their party leader Arvind Kejriwal has become the butt of every joke on social media.


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