Delhi is all about potholes and damaged roads in Monsoon

Delhi government has deployed Public Works Department (PWD) staff to carry out road checks and repairs. There have been a lot of complains of potholes and water-logging in the city and these problems are likely to persist because of the lack of proper drainage system and another reason is the differences between PWD, MCD and AAP.

Few days ago a 45 year old man lost his life as his bike got stuck in a pothole, this incident has brought light to the issue of potholes and damaged roads by rains and how difficult it gets for the commuters that it becomes the matter of life and death. Accidents involving potholes have claims over 100 lives across the city every year. The pothole menace is so common during monsoons that people have accepted it as a fact.

A senior government official commented on the situation saying, “There has to be a unified plan to find permanent solutions to these problems… political differences between the Delhi government and the MCDs hurt such measures”. This isn’t the first time AAP government is having issues with other organisation and working with other government. Kejriwal has blamed MCD for not being able to do their work instead of taking responsibilities for his actions. Kejriwal has not been able to focus on Delhi as he has been busy with Punjab but it is important that he realizes he is the CM of Delhi and Delhi is his primary responsibility.


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