AAP’s Dream of ‘Full Statehood’ Shattered, will move Supreme Court Read

AAP’s Dream of ‘full statehood’ shattered as the Delhi High Court on Thursday ruled that the Captial “continues to be a Union territory” under the administrative control of Leutinent Governor. Delhi didn’t acquire the status of a state as AAP wanted.

There was a long turf between LG Najeeb Jung and Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal on who gets to run Delhi. The court asked AAP governement that policy directions can’t be issued without communicating with the LG. AAP governement was also told that it was wrong to set up inquiries into alleged scams without seeking LG Najeeb Jung’s approval. AAP earlier argued that Delhi can’t have two reporting authorities, however Delhi High Court decided that as Delhi isn’t a full state, AAP governement can’t get full statehood.

Reacting to the huge setback in what was more a political battle, AAP has decided to move the Supreme Court. AAP government’s counsel has said that they will immediately file an appeal against the verdict in the apex court.

Here is what  Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has to say: “It is a battle between the selected and the elected… We respect the decision of the Delhi High Court and I understand that the court arrived at its decision after examining various aspects of the matter. But we disagree with the view of the court. We will be moving the Supreme Court.”

AAP needs to understand that it isn’t the matter of us v/s them. Delhi isn’t just a state, it’s a union territory and it cannot be run like a states.


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