High Court Orders To Examine AAP Government’s Expenditure On Advertising To Examine Wasteful Expenditure

It’s been long that everyone has been talking about AAP’s expenditure on advertising. Today, Delhi High court asked a three-member committee assigned by the Supreme Court to check violation of its guidelines with regard to content in government advertising, to examine wasteful expenditure on advertisements by the Delhi government.

The court was hearing PIL’s which included Mr. Maken, seeking to restrain publicity campaigns and advertisements that glorify Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as it is a waste of public funds.


Earlier, AAP government had told the court that they have set up their own panel to regulate advertisement according to Supreme Court’s order.
This isn’t the first time AAP is in news for there over expenditure in advertising; AAP government spent nearly Rs 15 crore pn advertisements in 3 months. They didn’t have the money to pay to safai karamcharis for salary or pay for pension but advertisements is the priority. AAP also spend at least Rs 5 crore in publicizing the two rounds of the odd-even scheme in delhi. Arvind Kejiwal is also known to glorify himself in these advertisements from being ‘Mufflar Man’ to just being a housewife’s perfect CM. It’s time that AAP government  starts work according to the guidelines of the supreme court and take their work seriously instead of getting into these advertising gimmicks.


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