Delhi Government Won’t Be Participating In Bharat Parv

Due to the long-running tussle between Delhi government and BJP-led Centre, AAP won’t be participating in the one week long Independence Day celebrations.  The celebrations kicked off on Friday that displayed different culture, cuisine and hardicraft and various states though their regional associations but what we didn’t see is any participation from Delhi.

According to the tourism minister invites were sent to all the states and union territories for the Bharat Parv cultural extravaganza to be held from August 12- 18 at Indian gate, however the AAP government denied any communication. Mahesh Sharma, Union minister of tourism told mail today, “It is not possible that the communication was not sent to them (Delhi government)”, he added, “Since the event is happening here in the national capital, Delhi is automatically a participant in it”.

However AAP denies receiving any written or verbal communication on the matter. Delhi tourism minister Kapil Mishra on the participation, “We were neither invited nor informed about the Bharat Parv programme by the central government. There was no official or verbal communication from the Centre about the event,” We would have happily participated and could have made it more successful. We would encourage everything which can increase tourism prospects in the city.”

This rift between the Centre and Delhi government has gone for long but not participating in the Independence Day celebration is an insult to the nation. For once Delhi government could have let go of the rift to make everyone feel included and part of the celebration.


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