Delay In The Ban Of Chinese Manja Lead To Three Deaths In Delhi

On Independence Day, in three people in Delhi died including a three year old girl after their throats were slit by the kite strings, or manjhas. Two similar incidents in Vikarpuri and near the Ghazipur border, the victims had their jugular veins slashed by the string. Many people were admitted on Independence Day after being injured by kite strings.

DCP (North West) said the case of negligence has been registered, he added  with stronger Chinese manjhas becoming increasingly popular the kite enthusiasts, there has been an increase in the number of deaths caused by kite strings.

LG office held AAP leaders accountable for this disaster as the notice of banning the Chinese manja in the capital was not issued before August 15, when thousands of people fly kites outdoors. Delhi government banned the Chinese manja on Tuesday, a day after two children were killed in accidents. This is very irresponsible of the government to not issue the notice before time that lead to death of three citizens.

The opposition Congress  has demanded a CBI inquiry into the delay, alleging that the ban was held back by the AAP government till after Intdependence Day to “benefit importers” of the glass-coated Chinese thread.


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