Swaraj Abhiyans Movement Claims Victory Over New Excise Policy

Former Aam Aadmi Party member Prashant Bhushan and members of Swaraj Abhiyan on Sunday lashed out at the Arvind Kejriwal government’s newly-announced liquor policy, stating that there was no legal sanction granted to Mohalla Sabhas to close the liquor vends and accused Kejriwal of misleading the people. Addressing the media at a press conference in Noida, Bhushan said the existing mohalla sabhas had no legal sanction to close the sprouting liquor shops and alleged the AAP is misleading people of Delhi.

Why has Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement of not opening any new liquor shops been made only for one year. Does Kejriwal want to resume his anti­people liquor policy after the MCD elections in Delhi and Assembly elections in Punjab,” he said at press conference held in Noida.

Questioning why opening of liquor vends has been suspended only for a year, he demanded shutting down of such shops which were opened without approval from local residents.

“What happened in the last 15 days that the chief minister had to make a u turn? We demand that common man should be consulted before finalizing the policy’, said Anupam, swaraj abhiyan media in-charge.

Swaraj Abhiyan had already threatened earlier to launch an agitation if liquor permits were given without consultation of local people. Activist-lawyer and the Abhiyan leader Prashant Bhushan had undertaken a public hearing over a liquor shop in Kotla Mubarakpur.

According to the new excise policy approved by the AAP government today, no new liquor shop except in malls, will come up in Delhi in the current financial year and the mohalla sabhas will be empowered to shut existing neighborhood vends if there are any complaints of “nuisance”.


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