AAP is broke, check our bank accounts: Claims Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal recently claimed on 22 August that the AAP does not have the money to fight elections.

Speaking to group of scheduled castes and scheduled t6ribes members in goa, the AAP convener said, “it would look odd but it is true that despite a one-and-half year of governance in delhi, AAP does not have money to fight election. I can show you my bank account, even the party does not have money “

Kejriwal’s comments come at a time when his party has already kick-started campaigning for the upcoming Punjab and Goa polls.

“When we contested in Delhi, it is the people who fought the election. AAP is a platform for everyone to fight for their better future,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

However, contrary to Kejriwal’s claims, facts speak otherwise. Going by the Election Commission, the AAP is the fourth largest political party in the country in terms of receiving contributions. In the financial year 2014-15, it received contributions worth Rs 37.45 crore.

Only three parties – and all of them national ones – had received larger contributions than the AAP. The BJP, with 437.35 crore is at the top, followed by the Congress (Rs 141.55 crore) and the NCP (Rs 38.82 crore).

Once again Arvind Kejriwal proves to be a politician whose claims are high on hype but low on substance.


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