AAP Under CAG’s Radar for Over Expenditure

Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is now under the radar by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) for having spent 28 crores on publicity campaigns and advertising outside of Delhi.

The official report of the expenditure is not out as of yet, but CAG has raised the question to AAP regarding spending 85% of the 35.40 crores of taxpayers’ money on a single campaign outside the National Capital Territory outside of Delhi.

AAP wasting nearly 25 crores on publicity outside Delhi -CAG report

— Himanshu Kumar (@ganapati23) August 23, 2016

According to Times Now, Chapter 2 of the CAG audit report has mentioned that “Rs 25 crore incurred on advertisement and publicity campaign is not in conformity with the generally accepted principles of financial propriety as laid down by the Supreme Court.”

And again Advertisement Arvind Party (AAP) exposed by CAG #AAPAdReport https://t.co/CuXIDI4y8U

— Anoop Pandey (@Anoop_PY) August 23, 2016

According to sources, the draft audit report by the CAG of the year end, 31st March 2016, was sent to Delhi government on the 8th of July for its response. “As per the procedure, a draft copy of the audit findings is sent to the respective government or department seeking its response on audit findings. Similarly, it was sent to the Delhi government on 8 July and they were supposed to get back by 16 August, which it didn’t. There wasn’t any response from Kejriwal government,” the source said.

There had also been a lot of uproar regarding the astounding Rs 526 crore budget for Kejriwal government’s publicity.

Breaking : CAG Pulls up AAP Govt for ad Spending

— Ashish (@ashishtikoo31) August 23, 2016

@ArvindKejriwal @TrollKejri AAP wasting nearly 25 crores of your tax payed money on publicity outside Delhi -CAG report

— Kunal Takiar CFA CMT (@kunaltakiar) August 23, 2016

And now AAP convener, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is claiming that he is short of funds for the upcoming elections. We wonder why that is? More so, we wonder whether that’s even the truth or not?


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