Manish Sisodia: Centre is preparing grounds to Impose Prez Rule In Delhi

On Monday Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated alleged allegations on the Centre of preparing grounds for imposing President’s Rule in Delhi.  He further went on saying that it has been attempting to run the city administration even since the AAP came to power.
Sisodia warned the Centre that the AAP dispensation will not spare it if rights of people are violated, in an apparent indication that his party may launch a major campaign for full statehood for Delhi

in the wake of the high court order holding the assembly discussion with the lieutenant governor, the administrative head of the city administration, Sisodia said elected people should be above the selected one.

Earlier this month, the high court had ruled that the Lt Governor is the administrate head of the National Capital Territory and he is not bound by the advice of council of ministers.
“We may be child in politics, but we are not immature. If they (Centre) trouble the people of Delhi, we will not spare them … during the elections, the BJP had supported full statehood demand for Delhi, but now they have forgotten”, says Sisodia.

According to him the AAP government has power on all issues including services related to land, police and public order, ACB despite Delhi being not the full statehood.

In an indirect jab at the Lt Governor, he also said that “elected” should be above “selected” who is not the representative of people, but added masses should be above the elected in the democracy.

He went ahead saying “The central government wants to run Delhi indirectly through President’s rule and that they are up to getting the President’s rule (here) as they did in Arunchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Despite getting raps from the court, they are trying such things.”

However, the opposition leader Vijender Gupta alleged the AAP has always chosen the way of “confrontation” to expand itself in other states to get benefits and that discussing the situation arising out of the court order was in contempt of the order. But that didn’t deter Sisodia as he went on rejecting the claim of Gupta.

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