People of Delhi Leave Due To Increase in Pollution and Crime

The failure to check the rising crime rates and increase in pollution may be a couple of the reasons for why people are leaving Delhi, remarked the High Court on Wednesday.

This observation came to the court while hearing a suo motu matter where it is monitoring steps taken to ensure and improve the safety of women in the city, following the Nirbhaya case, which includes increasing number of Delhi police personnel.

“People are leaving Delhi because of pollution and crime rate which you (authorities) are not willing to control,” a bench of justices Badar Durrez Ahmed and Ashutosh Kumar said, after the Centre had claimed that the growth rate of the population per decade had declined as per census records. The court initiated the PIL after the Nirbhaya gangrape.

During the hearing, the Centre also informed the court that a high level committee of senior police officers has been formed to decide the criteria to help strengthen Delhi Police. The police on their part told the court that it has forwarded two letters to the LG which contain proposals to increase the manpower by approximately 54,000.

The HC then directed the lieutenant governor to forward the letters to the Centre regarding the matter listed on September 14 to take stock of progress.

Meanwhile the court questioned the police if it has any intention of bringing a forensic team under its control for better administration, even though AAP has said that it is opposed to any such proposal.




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