‘Chhotepur Supporters’ Thrash AAP Worker

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers gathered at their office in Amritsar on Tuesday to oppose the choice of election candidates and all hell broke loose when observers from Delhi thrashed a fellow worker who dared to support both.

The volunteers were not happy with the choice of candidates from Ajnala, Attari and Amritsar South for the 2017 Punjab elections, they started raising the slogan “Dilli waale bhajao, Punjab bachao (chase away Delhi guys, save Punjab)” when amongst them a voice rose, a worker by the name of Anil Mahajan and another man with him started shouting: “Kejriwal Zindabad” (long live Kejriwal, party’s national convener).

Initially the volunteers tolerated him until he started defending ticket distribution. It was then that they resorted to violence by grabbing, slapping and pushing him. Gurinder Singh Bajwa, AAP zonal in-charge, and some other workers intervened and tried to save him from the thrashing. The volunteers then took the man inside an office and when asked, he said, “Nobody beat me up. I have served the party for four years. Every ticket is fine. I don’t seek any post.” Later the volunteers clarified that no one was even raising a slogan against Kejriwal.

Mahajan is prominent at the AAP funcions. The volunteers had told the party to pick “deserving candidates” and reinstate Such Singh Chhotepur as its Punjab convener.

“We have given the party an ultimatum to reinstate Sucha Singh Chhotepur,” AAP Amritsar zone in-charge Gurinder Bajwa said. He also went on to state that Chhotepur had indeed done a lot for the party and ultimately became a victim of a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Chhotepur through a Tweet advised his supporters not to indulge in violence.



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