AAP Ousts Another Nine Members!!

On Wednesday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) expelled nine senior party as they felt that they were involved in anti-party activities. Out of the nine were some senior functionaries that were also ousted.

Most of the members that were let go on Wednesday were actively supporting punjab’s former convener Sucha Singh Chottepur.

Among those who were let go also included AAP’s national council member Paviter Singh and his wife, a member of the state of women wing, Lakhwinder Kaur.

Paviter accused party’s Punjab in-charge and national organization building head, Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak respectively, for having demanded Rs 50 lakh for a ticket for his wife. Both men denided the charge.

Paviter also alleged last week that he along with other party members had gathered Rs 1 lakh party donation which they had deposited to Jarnail Singh, in the personal account of state co-in-charge and Delhi MLA, January last year but they were not handed any receipt from Jarnail for it.

Jarnail had even said there was “nothing wrong” in collecting donations for an election as long as he was accounting for it before the election commission.

Other leaders that have been removed from the party are state media team member Colonel (retd) Jasjit Singh Gill, Harpal Singh from NRI cell, Amandeep Singh Bains, the circle in-charge Jagtar Singh, Colonel (retd) Dalwinder Singh Grewal, Baljit Singh Chahal, and Amandeep Singh Boparai.

Most of these were actively assisting Chhotepur in the creation of his new party.

A party press release said these people “had maintained distance from the AAP in the recent past due to their anti-party activities. The AAP hereby clarifies that the party has nothing to do with these leaders anymore”.

Paviter to lodge police complaints

Reacting to the move, Paviter Singh said the AAP had “finally removed all doubts that it has completely deviated from the principles for which it was created”.

“The party has been taken over its Delhi leaders Durgesh Pathak, Sanjay Singh and Jarnail Singh,” he said. He would lodge police complaints on the basis of his earlier allegations, Paviter said.



AAP in Efforts to Become More Social Media Savvy

Training will now be provided to Delhi government staff members to become more social media inclined. This effort is being made to improve the communications between bureaucracy and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ministers.

In order to provide the appropriate training for sufficient use of platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, the IT department has been directed to prepare a specific module for all staff members – clerks to secretaries.

This need arose only because the ministers of AAP are quite active of social media and regularly post important announcements and tweets.

This is quite true in the case of Arvind Kejriwal as he is the most followed Chief Minister on Twitter with a whopping 9.15 million followers. Even during the sacking of his social welfare minister, Sandeep Kumar, over a sex tape, all updates were announced through a series of tweets. However those are the not the only kind of updates posted, but also CBI raids, regular inspection drives and suspension of official have also been announced in the same manner.

There are already a handful of government departments that are using platforms like Whatsapp for internal communication. But AAP wants the entire staff to be comfortable with these tools, especially the smartphone apps which are day-by-day used more frequently to deliver services.

“Besides smooth communication, social media is critical in appreciating public opinion. All these aspects will be included in the training module,” an official said.

All officials have internet access in the Delhi secretariat, which have been offering free Wi-fi since 2015. But the current IT training is still restricted to use of software such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

“The government functions through a computerized system. But many staff members are not active on social media,” a senior official said.

There were even some reported cases which depicted quite the embarrassment and annoyance when officers were unable to keep up with whatever was taking place on Twitter or Facebook of AAP ministers.


Kejriwal Urges L-G to Reconsider Decision to Revoke Krishna Saini’s Appointment

In regards to the public interest, on Friday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, urged lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung to reconsider his decision to revoke chairperson of Delhi Electricity, Krishna Saini.

On Monday, the L-G’s office cancelled Saini’s appointment, saying as mandated by rules and procedures the decision to do so was taken under Jung’s approval.  Jung directed Delhi government to restart the appointment process.

In Kejriwal’s reply, he requested the L-G to revoke the order and assured that all the required procedures had been carried out by the AAP government.

In the 27 page note that Kejriwal sent to Jung, he claimed that revoking Saini’s appointment could lead to “serious problems” for the power department and would have a huge adverse impact on the consumer, which could not have possibly been the “intention” of the L-G. He even offered to meet the lieutenant general so he could request him to change his decision.

“There is not an iota of malafide, bias or other irregularity in the process,” Kejriwal said in the note. Meanwhile, sources in the L-G’s office said they received the communication and the secretariat will follow due procedure.

Delhi high court ruled that L-G as the official administrator of Delhi on August 4th and based on that order, Jung formed a three-member committee to review the decision of the AAP government, which came into power last year in February.



BJP Expresses Anger towards AAP for Keeping False Promises

Friday led to a lot of accusations by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) towards the BJP leadership for failing to take appropriate actions against South Delhi MP, Ramesh Bidhuri, who reportedly used ‘abusive’ language against Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his family.

AAP members began to question the ‘double standards’ of the BJP leadership over the issue, after a video clip of Bidhuri delivering a speech during a protest in March in Tughlakabad on Friday was aired. This video was broadcasted by some television channels and caught the attention of AAP members and began circulating.

“Those who reacted to @ArvindKejriwal’s non-abusive words coward/psychopath, silent about filthy abuses used by Modiji’s MP, Ramesh Bidhuri,” tweeted senior AAP leader Ashish Talwar.

AAP sources said that the language used by Bidhuri is a result of a “race in BJP to become president of Delhi unit.”

“The party has served show cause notice to one MP for participating in a Delhi government function. On other hand, it is allowing another member of Parliament who is competing to become Delhi president to use such language against a chief minister,” a senior AAP leader said.

Meanwhile, the BJP MP from South Delhi, said “I did not make any abusive comment against Kejriwal. His ministers are involved in corruption and he has failed to fulfill promises made before election. Some members from public made remarks and it shows their anger against AAP government.”



On Uri attack, only condolence from Kejriwal’s side



When the AAP head Arvind Kejriwal had taken the reins of Delhi in 2015, he was very much concerned for the welfare of soldiers of defence and paramilitary forces. Moreover, he gave financial assistance of Rs 1 crore to the family of CRPF Jawan Narrotam Das who was killed in a Maoist attack in Bihar.

Kejriwal had promised that the Delhi government would always concern about the welfare of families of those soldiers who would lay their lives for the country. At that time, the AAP government made tall claims and announced the rewards.

However, the claims were done to please the voters. The AAP-led Delhi government did not announce financial assistance to the soldiers killed in Pathankot. Moreover, Kejriwal only sent his condolence to the families of 18 soldiers who laid their lives in Uri attack. He has nothing to offer except his condolence.

A post has uploaded on Aam Aadmi Party Punjab page on Facebook depicting the grants announced by the Delhi government for the security personnel. Narrotam Das was the only soldier whose family received a grant from AAP government.

It is evident that the AAP has come out with so many political stunts to woo the people. The soldiers who attained martyrdom in Uri terrorist attack deserved for the credit of saving the nation by sacrificing their lives. Moreover, Delhi government could have announced financial assistance to the families of martyr soldiers.

The AAP party has been exposing day by day in front of the people. The people of Delhi have realised their mistake by choosing a Chief Minister who dumped them. Since the existence of AAP party, the AAP national convener dreamt like Alexander, who had a dream to conquer the whole world. Kejriwal also imagined of winning all states leaving the Delhi people in the lurch.



The truth behind the ink attacks on AAP leaders?



In the history of Indian Politics, AAP has emerged on the top as the leaders are being targeted for ink attacks and the party always blame BJP for the ink attacks. A question arises in everyone’s mind that why AAP leaders victimised, and they blame BJP only?

It’s just a stunt to gain political mileage or divert the attention of public from the core issues. A creative uploaded on Aam Aadmi Party-Punjab projected the Chief Minister of Arvind Kejriwal as a hero. A two liner has been describing that the party would write the new chapter of revolution with the ink thrown at Arvind Kejriwal and blaming BJP for the attacks.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia was the victim last week when he was briefing the media about his meeting with LG Najeeb Jung. The national capital has been witnessing tough time as Dengue and Chikungunya broke out in the state. At least 18 people died because of the disease.

When the disease broke out in the state, the entire AAP cabinet was touring in other states for upcoming assembly polls. The Chief Minister was in Bengaluru so his deputy Sisodia was supposed to handle the responsibility of Delhi. However, the Deputy Chief Minister was enjoying holidays in Finland.

Najeeb Jang wrote a letter to Sisodia and called him at his residence to explain the situation of the state and the measures taken by Delhi government. Suddenly, a person hurled ink at Sisodia during the media briefing.

The party blamed BJP’s hand behind the ink attack. However, the facts speak something different. The accused Brajesh Shukla is an old critic of AAP party, and moreover, he was angry because Sisodia was in Finland when the disease broke out in the state. Shukla told the police that Sisodia should have cancelled his tour as the health care facilities in government hospitals are not up to the mark.

However, this was not only the first attack on AAP leader. In April 2016, a man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal when he was announcing the next round of the odd-even scheme. The thrower used to work in AAP party and later formed his group.

It is evident that the Odd-Even scheme was a failure and shoe throwing was stage-managed by AAP party. In January 2016, a woman threw ink at Kejriwal in thanksgiving rally for Odd-Even pilot project.  The woman has easily reached on the stage and threw ink. In fact, Kejriwal himself told his commandoes not to come near the stage. At least 60 armed commandoes with Delhi police were guarding him at that time and how come it was so easy for a woman to come closer to Kejriwal. And the party had blamed BJP for the ink attack.

In 2014, a person attacked Kejriwal during the poll campaign at Varanasi when he contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi fro the same constituency. Kejriwal not only had ink thrown at him, but the people egged his car. So, it was so difficult to defeat a candidate who successfully became the CM of Gujrat state. The attack was stage-managed to get the political mileage only.


AIIMS Appreciates the Efforts Made by Security to Stop Bharti

The security personnel at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will be issued certificates of appreciation, that’s not all, certificates of appreciation will also be issued to those engineers for their courage in filing an FIR against AAP legislator Somnath Bharti, who allegedly, along with his 300 supporters, manhandled with the guards as well as damaged the hospital’s property.

“AIIMS in recognition of services rendered by the Engineers and Security Officials has decided to issue certificates of appreciation for showing outstanding courage and resilience in protecting AIIMS property in the face of grave intimidation,” said a statement from AIIMS.

According to AIIMS, on September 9th, Delhi legislator with approximately 300 of his supporters got together at Gautam Nagar and then proceeded to AIIMS. There they began to break down the fence and boundary wall with the help of an excavator-cum-loader to give access to those who were not authorized to enter AIIMS.

“Somnath Bharti was claiming that the road belongs to the general public. They were requested to produce orders of the competent authority which they failed to produce,” said the statement.

In its first communiqué regarding the issure, allegedly disclosed that Bharti and his men were not accompanied by any other government official of the Delhi government. On Thursday, Bharti’s arrest was made by Delhi Police, connecting him to the case but later he was granted bail on a personal security bong of Rs 30,000. Talk about justice.