Sandeep Kumar Claims He Wasn’t Kicked Out of AAP But Resigned  

Sandeep Kumar, a former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) minister, the same that allegedly got roped in a sex scandal and was then kicked out from his post. On Thursday, he claimed that he was in fact targeted because he was poor and a Dalit.


“This is a conspiracy against me as I belong to Valmiki Samaj. There should be a probe into this matter. I am very hurt by watching the video on television. There is no authenticity of this CD. Authenticity should be checked,” he told reporters at his residence in New Delhi.


A video that purportedly showed the 35 year old minister in a compromising position with two women is what has gotten him removed at Delhi’s women and child welfare minister on Wednesday.


“I am the only Dalit face of the party. I have been popular among Dalit community, that’s why a conspiracy has been hatched against me. Other political parties are after us as we do not have a political background,” he said, stressing there was a conspiracy against him and his party.


Reports have claimed that Kumar can be seen in the nine minute long video with a woman and in another clip was seen with a separate woman. After a top-level meeting held by AAP, Kejriwal announced Kumar’s sacking on Twitter. However, Kumar insists that he had actually, based on moral grounds, had resigned.


When asked if it was indeed him being featured in the CD, he said that the matter is one of investigation and the truth should come out.


“Someone is saying the video is two months old and others are saying it is three months old. There is no authentication Dalits have been exploited always. I belong to a poor family, so I know the facts are distorted. I have been framed because I am a Dalit,” he reiterated.


Kumar is now the third minister to have been removed from Kejriwal’s cabinet in the past 19 months. After being arrested for a fake college degree, Law minister Jitender Singh Tomar, was chucked out and then food and supplies minister Asim Ahmed Khan was axed over complaints that he demanded a bribe from a builder.


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