Laughter show starts in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi is new convener


The AAP party in Punjab heading towards its doomsday as the party appointed Gurpreet Ghuggi, a comedian and satirist as new AAP Punjab convener. A novice in Punjab politics Ghuggi would hold the reins of the party as convener.

The seriousness of AAP for Punjab seems to be lost as the party has appointed a satirist as Punjab Convener. When the party was in a dire need of a serious politician, the AAP national convener appointed a comedian who is a newborn baby in Punjab politics.

After comedian-turned-parliamentarian Bhagwant Mann, who is the party’s campaign committee chairman for the 2017 Punjab Assembly polls, Ghuggi will be the second comedian to bag a top post in AAP Punjab.

Ghuggi one had announced that he would never join politics as he is an artist and nothing to do with politics. However, after giving his statement to not join politics, Ghuggi had taken the u-turn and joined the AAP party in February 2016.

A person who was never serious about politics and suddenly he made it to politics now elevated to the post of AAP Punjab convener. Politics is a platform to serve the people and only a politician who is well aware of the problems and issues of his respective area can serve the people.

Unfortunately, the AAP party has appointed a comedian who can only make the people laugh by his satires. It would be a hard nut to crack for Ghuggi as politics is not a bed of roses.

Kejriwal has played a stunt by appointing a beginner as convener as he thought that Ghuggi’s elevation in AAP Punjab would bolster the party in assembly polls.

According to experts, the AAP party has so many other faces who could have been appointed as Punjab convener. Earlier, Chhotepur had revealed that he told so many times about the Bhagwant Mann’s alcoholism but Kejriwal told him that the party should bear him as he is a crowd puller.

The major reason of Ghuggi’s appointment as convener is that he can also pull the crowds with his satires but politics is entirely different from comedy.

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