Ludhiana Raises ‘Kejriwal Go Back’ Slogans

Ludhiana railway station was jam packed as Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal boarded off the morning Shatabdi in Ludhiana, Thursday morning.

Chaos engulfed the station when angry AAP volunteers gathered and alleged that the candidates that they had given tickets to were corrupt.


Those AAP volunteers who went to greet the leader, ran towards the train and that too under tight security and with a huge posse of police present.

However the disgruntled volunteers raised ‘Kejriwal go back’ slogans and threw bangles at him while at the station.

Amid protests, Kejriwal left the Ludhiana railway station from the rear . (Gurminder Singh/HT)

Kejriwal had to leave the station from the rear side.

Commuters harassed

However, things were most difficult for the commuters as they were being pushed and shoved and had difficulty in catching their trains.

Ludhiana Railway station, the largest station in the Ferozpur division of the Northern Railways, has seven platforms and a footfall of 80,000 people daily.


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