Satyendar Jain Gives A Go-Ahead Not To Department Heads, No Need for LG’s Approval

Driving the wedge even more deeper, Delhi Minister Satyender Jain directed all his departmental HOD’s to take decision on shadow or part files even as the original files are submitted to the LG office for approval.

After last month’s Delhi High Court ruled Lt Governor still being the administrative head and hence his approval is mandatory for any action proceeding of the centre, following which LG Najeeb Jung had ordered all HoDs to send those files where his prior approval was required.

However, under the pretext of said there should be “no delay” in executing the ongoing projects and works due to lack of decision from Lt Governor office.,  Satyender jain who has charge of key departments – Health, Power, PWD, Industries, Transport, Urban Development and Home it decided to take decision on shadow files as various important projects are being “derailed”.

AAP gorvermnet allegedly accused the Lt Governor’s office, for taking too long to approve as the decision making process in respect of many important issues pertaining to Jain’s departments has come to a “virtual halt”.

“As such a practice is derailing the implementation/commissioning of important works/projects and is detrimental to the public interest.”

“It is hereby directed that the concerned HoDs shall ensure that the ongoing projects/works are not delayed for lack of decision on such pretext (due to files submitted to LG office) and that appropriate action be initiated on the shadow files/part files, as the case may be, for appropriate action,” Jain said.

however, Jain also instructed his officers to not to take decision in respect of cases where there is specific directions from the LG office that the ongoing work is to stopped with immediate effect.

Considering the dissatisfaction of AAP government with High Court decision, this might just add “fuel to the fire” on the long-running battle with the Lt Governor on a range of issues.


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