Delhi’s Water Minister Urges BJP and Congress To Fight Chikungunya Together

On Wednesday, Kapil Mishra, Delhi’s water minister urged BJP leaders to lend a helping hand in order to fight the spread of chikungunya, which has already taken the lives of seven in the capital.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Mishra tweeted, “Let us fight the mosquito-borne diseases together. We seven MPs and 70 MLAs can fight the disease together.” This tweet came about after AAP and BJP gushed over a blame game regarding the spread of chikungunya in New Delhi.

In an unexpected move, Mishra, warming up to other stakeholders tweeted that Delhi Government, office of the Lieutenant Governor, municipal corporations and the Centre should “break the walls” and work for ‘One Delhi’. Being the only minister who was present in Delhi on Tuesday, Mishra wrote and urging open letter to Congress, BJP, media and his own party workers to work together in order to prevent the disease from spreading any further.


On Wednesday morning, Mishra met east Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari and tweeted a picture of the two offering to go for fogging together in Sonia Vihar.

Tiwari also tweeted thanking Mishra and said , “Delhi needs unity at this moment.”

Mishra also thanked north-west Delhi BJP MP, Udit Raj, for agreeing to join his campaign #OneDelhi and late also tweeted that Vijender Gupta, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, was abroad with family.





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