AAP’s ‘Panj Pyaras’ According to Ghuggi: Sucha Singh Chhotepur

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s ex Punjab state convener, Sucha Singh Chhotepur, has accused now Punjab state convener Gurpreet Ghuggi of having compared AAP’s Delhi leaders to Panj Pyaras (five beloved ones of Guru).

“Ghuggi misleads the people of Punjab by arguing that the first Panj Pyaras were also ‘outsiders’, and even Guru Gobind Singh was born in Bihar,” said Chhotepur on Thursday as he addressed supporters during his Punjab Parivartan Yatra.

“These great personalities (first Panj Pyaras) first made sacrifices and then came to Punjab for its wellbeing, contrary to the AAP leaders, who are tainted and have come to the state to loot it,’’ he said. He then accused the party of carelessly blowing up the global donations made by Punjabis on the publicity of the government in Delhi!


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