AIIMS Appreciates the Efforts Made by Security to Stop Bharti

The security personnel at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will be issued certificates of appreciation, that’s not all, certificates of appreciation will also be issued to those engineers for their courage in filing an FIR against AAP legislator Somnath Bharti, who allegedly, along with his 300 supporters, manhandled with the guards as well as damaged the hospital’s property.

“AIIMS in recognition of services rendered by the Engineers and Security Officials has decided to issue certificates of appreciation for showing outstanding courage and resilience in protecting AIIMS property in the face of grave intimidation,” said a statement from AIIMS.

According to AIIMS, on September 9th, Delhi legislator with approximately 300 of his supporters got together at Gautam Nagar and then proceeded to AIIMS. There they began to break down the fence and boundary wall with the help of an excavator-cum-loader to give access to those who were not authorized to enter AIIMS.

“Somnath Bharti was claiming that the road belongs to the general public. They were requested to produce orders of the competent authority which they failed to produce,” said the statement.

In its first communiqué regarding the issure, allegedly disclosed that Bharti and his men were not accompanied by any other government official of the Delhi government. On Thursday, Bharti’s arrest was made by Delhi Police, connecting him to the case but later he was granted bail on a personal security bong of Rs 30,000. Talk about justice.


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