Kejriwal Urges L-G to Reconsider Decision to Revoke Krishna Saini’s Appointment

In regards to the public interest, on Friday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, urged lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung to reconsider his decision to revoke chairperson of Delhi Electricity, Krishna Saini.

On Monday, the L-G’s office cancelled Saini’s appointment, saying as mandated by rules and procedures the decision to do so was taken under Jung’s approval.  Jung directed Delhi government to restart the appointment process.

In Kejriwal’s reply, he requested the L-G to revoke the order and assured that all the required procedures had been carried out by the AAP government.

In the 27 page note that Kejriwal sent to Jung, he claimed that revoking Saini’s appointment could lead to “serious problems” for the power department and would have a huge adverse impact on the consumer, which could not have possibly been the “intention” of the L-G. He even offered to meet the lieutenant general so he could request him to change his decision.

“There is not an iota of malafide, bias or other irregularity in the process,” Kejriwal said in the note. Meanwhile, sources in the L-G’s office said they received the communication and the secretariat will follow due procedure.

Delhi high court ruled that L-G as the official administrator of Delhi on August 4th and based on that order, Jung formed a three-member committee to review the decision of the AAP government, which came into power last year in February.




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