Driving The Voters Away, AAP Weakens Its Stake Over Punjab

Contrary to the overzealous expectations of the public, the Aam Aadmi Party has not emerged as a party with a “difference, and joining the bandwagon of doubter around Uri attack and the subsequent retaliation by Indian armed forces, has led the party fall into a digger pit as the election are drawn so close in Punjab.

AAP bagged four seats and secured nearly one-fourth of the total votes polled. 13 percent of traditional Congress supporters and 17 percent of SAD-BJP supporters voted for AAP (according to the CSDS). AAP benefited from the double anti-incumbency – anger against the Congress-led UPA government as well as the frustration against the SAD-BJP government in the state.

However, In the after math of the recent Uri episode across the line of control where in, in context of Punjab sharing its border with Pakistan, the lack of efforts ensuring a strategically security of the people seems to have given a blow to the lead of AAP.

However, it might just be unlikely for these surgical attacks to play a massive role in wavering the minds in February election next year, as the violence in Kashmir in likely in decrease from November onwards and the focus of the centre would shift towards the economy.

But, indeed AAP’s abysmal track record during the massive outbreak of chikungunya and dengue in the capital has left a great impact on the party withstanding supporters. With the absence of ministers including the AAP’s chief Arvind Kejriwal and Sisodia missing from the scene hasn’t been the best move for them in the long run.

When sounds of their promiscuous promises still ringing high among the public of Punjab who is already reeling from slow economic growth and drug issue has lost faith and truth questioning the intent of AAP’s power driven politics. A leader who couldn’t live up to the promised of developing Delhi as a model state- had gone around asking for more support and power to delude the public

To top it off, While Congress and SAD have long ago announced their CM candidate, AAP is still juggling with the question of who would be leading the party in Punjab polls 2017. All the surveys done in Punjab have so far shown Kejriwal as the preferred candidate. The party does not have a strong candidate other than Kejriwal, and this could turn away the swing voters who may prefer the comfort of familiar leaders like Capt Amarinder and Badal. Kejriwal being a non-Sikh also doesn’t help his cause in a state which has always elected CMs from the community.

Whatever may be the result of this contest among used to be more so predominantly bipolar but now triangular, enmity of SAD, Congress and AAP, would definitely bring about a huge change for the spirit of the state.


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