Surgical Strikes: Why The Need To Reveal An Evidence Now?

Admist all those question rising about authenticity of Modi approved, successful counter-terrorism operation led surgical strike across the lines of control (LoC) by pakistan, Congress and AAP led camps joins the bandwagon of doubters demanding army to release a proof.

With a clear intention to play down the success of the said operation like AAP Congress too have question the integrity of these operations, rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi among others lauded the efforts. While P Chidambaram and Sanjay Nirupam among others have tried have been asking for proof of the operation or even going to the extent of terming them as fake.  The party has indirectly persisted with attempts to ask for proof under the garb of getting the government to call Pakistan’s bluff.

While it seems strange to ask our Army to reveal the video evidence of its operations when this is not a lone incident of Indian forces counter striking to the various threats and won’t certainly be the last, why was they ever not asked for any proof earlier? However, it indeed has been a first of its kind incident where an Indian government has come out in admission of carrying out such attacks. It is also notable that when the US carried out similar strikes in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden, it came out admitting the same. The Indian government or any other government did not act as doubters.

The intention is however clear for all to observe and the prime minister, who has acted in the best interest of all Indians, is under no obligation to prove his position to anyone, least of all politicians who are only interested in extracting political brownie points. The Assembly elections are due in crucial states in 2017 and the parties are resorting to any measure to pull the other down, even at the cost of undermining national pride.

It’s saddening that In times of adversity, when the country and its political fraternity need to stand together as a singular front, such conduct comes out as an insult to the armed forces and the country.


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