Kejriwal’s Face Painted Black on Posters

On Sunday, posters of Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party convener and Chief Minister of Delhi, had been put up to promote the rally that’s to take place in the city on October 16th, were all found painted black. Earlier, on Saturday, some posters had surfaced which targeted to question AAP’s intentions to hold the rally in Patidar-dominated areas in the northern parts of the city. Now, police claims that the culprit behind all this wrong doing is none other than a worker of AAP.

Kejriwal’s face in the posters was blacked out with ink and decorated alongside with harsh abusive words. However, and interestingly enough, that parts that mention the meeting’s date, time and place were spared. The police have identified the culprit by the name of Amit Tiwari, a resident of Azad Nagar in Althan. Tiwari used to be a strong AAP supporter before Kejriwal’s comment on the surgical strikes executed by the Indian Army, now he claims to be Kejriwal’s critic. “The man claimed that he was an AAP supporter but after Kejriwal’s statement on the surgical strike, he decided to paint his posters with a black ink to register his protest,” a police officer said.

On Sunday, to bring about awareness amidst the people regarding the upcoming rally, AAP carried out a motorcycle rally from Sarthana to VR Mall, where roughly 300 motorcyclists rode carrying banners and posters of the party. Meanwhile, journalists being accused of being BJP sympathizers by AAP leaders for raising questions related to the statement by Kejriwal on the surgical strike by the Indian Army had them leaving AAP press conference midway.
Kapil Mishra, a cabinet minister in AAP government, was addressing the press conference in the city.

Regarding the blackened posters, Mishra had this to say on his official twitter handle, “It is visible how much terrified the BJP is in Gujarat ahead of Surat rally of Kejriwal. Whole night, the BJP workers were busy tearing and painting the posters black.”




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