Congress siding with militant groups


The latest reports pertaining to the Nabha jail break incident pointing fingers at Congress leader’s involvement in the entire episode. As per the sources, the Congress MP Partap Bajwa leaked the secret information to Pak Army Chief. Kamar Javed Bajwa is the first cousin of Partap Bajwa.

It is evident that the Congress people share a cordial bond with the people of Pakistan. The two leading members of Punjab Pradesh Congress viz Captain Amarinder Singh and Pratap Singh Bajwa have good relationship with Pakistan.

Amarinder’s connect with Aroosa Alam is well-known to everyone. Their alleged love affair hit the headlines in both the nations. Aroosa Alam is a Pakistani Journalist and served as an ISI agent.

Next is Partap Singh Bajwa’s warm relation with Qamar Javed Bajwa who has become the Pakistan’s New Army Chief recently. Qamar is Partap’s first cousin and both of them share a strong family connection.

The point to ponder upon is after the day Partap congratulated Qamar on getting the throne of army chief, Nabha jail break incident bumped off.

The gunmen, disguised as police officers, broke into high security Nabha jail in Patiala and freed Khalistan militant and five others inmates. The untoward incident is speculated to be a well planned conspiracy by Congress to put the state govt. under bad light ahead the Assembly elections due next early next year.

The heartless Congress can go any measures to grab the power in the state. It is no deny that Punjab Congress favors and their affection for Pakistan is all witnessed.

But no one has ever thought that election pressure would make them (Congress) fall to that much level. As per the sources, the Nabha incident has some serious connect with Congress.


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