Kejriwal and his cabinet gulps down snacks of Rs 1.2 crore


The party formed for a common man spent public money lavishly on tea and snacks of Rs 1.2 crore since February 2015. As per RTI information, it is unearthed that Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet ministers spent the amount on serving snacks to visitors at their offices.

Kejriwal ranked number one for spending Rs 55.85 lakhs on tea and snacks. Look at the representative of Aam Aadmi (common man). The General Administration Department furnished the detail to the RTI applicant.

Interestingly, the electricity bill of Arvind Kejriwal’s official residence is Rs 2.23 lakh since March 2015. The power minister of Delhi, Satyender Jain’s electricity bill is Rs 3.95 lakhs since March 2015. Vivek Garg, an RTI activist had sought the details from the department.

Furnishing the details, Deputy Secretary Amitabh Kundoo mentioned that the water bill of Kejriwal’s official residence is Rs 13, 920 since March 2015. The Deputy Chief Minister topped in consuming water of Rs 1. 63 lakhs.

The Chief Minister spent Rs 5.08 lakh “on petrol/oil/lubricants and maintenance of pilot vehicle provided” to him during February 2015 to October 2016. The RTI revealed that Sisodia spent Rs 8.6 lakh and Rs 6.5 lakh on tea and snack expenses at his office in the Secretariat and Camp office.

It seems the so called Aam Aadmi Party has become the “Khas Aadmi Party” and enjoying luxuries on public money. Who will bear the expenses? Obviously, the stare exchequer will have to pay for the enjoyment of Kejriwal and his cabinet.

When the AAP was formed it was announced that the party will be for a common man. However, the party has changed its stand and derailed from its ideology. The party has broken the hearts of Delhi people who trusted the party and gave the mandate in favor of AAP.

Failed to help Delhi farmers, Kejriwal to dupe Punjab farmers


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal left the Delhi farmers in lurch and promising moon to Punjab farmers. The assembly polls of Punjab Vidhan Sabha are scheduled in the first quarter of 2017. In Delhi, the farmers are repenting for electing the AAP.

As per the information, Arvind Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi farmers. However, after taking the reins of national capital, he didn’t fulfill a single promise made to the farmers. Farmers in Delhi are crying as they didn’t get the crop damage compensation announced by the government.

The AAP led Delhi government promised the farmers to give Rs 50000 as compensation for crop damage. Kejriwal played a stunt and distributed few checks to farmers. The officials took the distributed checks back from the farmers and told them the technical reasons.

The New Year is approaching but the farmers didn’t get the compensation yet. Moreover, the Delhi government charging power tariff on commercial rates. All promises made by AAP to farmers are only in papers.

In Delhi food grain markets, the state government has stopped the procurement of the grains. The farmers are waiting for government’s decision but the AAP ministers including CM busy in Punjab. The AAP national convener released a separate manifesto for Punjab farmers.

However, he has forgotten that he left the Delhi farmers in lurch and how come he will help Punjab farmers. Punjab is a biggest state than Delhi. It is not possible to dupe the farmers of Punjab. Moreover, the AAP’s anti-farmer agenda was exposed when Kejriwal didn’t stop a farmer to commit suicide during his rally.

Kejriwal was addressing a rally at Jantar Mantar and during his speech, the farmer committed suicide. However, Kejriwal didn’t finish his speech. The Police probe had revealed that AAP leaders instigated the farmer to climb the tree and commit suicide.

So, how come such a leader will come up for the help of Punjab farmers? AAP has lost its vision and direction in Punjab. In fact, the farmer community is angry against the AAP national convener for his stand in the favor of SYL.





Bhagwant Mann insults parliament, refused to tender apology

Drunk Bhagwant Mann

The AAP MP from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann insulted the parliament and refused to apologise for the parliament video case. Mann had tried to breach the security information of country’s law making building through social media. He will not be allowed to attend the session of the parliament till December 9.

As per the information, the speaker of the house Sumitra Mahajan said that AAP MP will not attend the house till December 9. The speaker extended the quantum of sentence against Mann.

A nine member team of Lok Sabha probed Mann for posting video footage of parliament on social media site. The controversial AAP MP had revealed the security details through social media. He knew that the Parliament was attacked in 2001 but he deliberately made a video of the route to parliament. Moreover, he posted the video on social media.

The AAP leader committed a biggest blunder intentionally. It was crystal clear that Mann played dirty politics for publicity. However, the Sangrur MP is reluctant to tender his apology. So, that’s why the speaker extended him the time limit so that he could tender his apology.

Mann adopted dictatorial attitude and refused to apologize. One can easily imagine that the AAP leaders have their personal goals rather than maintaining the secrecy of the security of Parliament.

Even a member of the probe panel said that Mann did the stupid task under the influence of liquor. He made a mockery of country’s law making body. Such stupid parliamentarian should be barred to enter in the house.

The AAP Punjab workers and volunteers from few districts alleged that he always attend the rallies under the influence of liquor. Even he attended few religious functions while consuming liquor.