Kejriwal and his cabinet gulps down snacks of Rs 1.2 crore


The party formed for a common man spent public money lavishly on tea and snacks of Rs 1.2 crore since February 2015. As per RTI information, it is unearthed that Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet ministers spent the amount on serving snacks to visitors at their offices.

Kejriwal ranked number one for spending Rs 55.85 lakhs on tea and snacks. Look at the representative of Aam Aadmi (common man). The General Administration Department furnished the detail to the RTI applicant.

Interestingly, the electricity bill of Arvind Kejriwal’s official residence is Rs 2.23 lakh since March 2015. The power minister of Delhi, Satyender Jain’s electricity bill is Rs 3.95 lakhs since March 2015. Vivek Garg, an RTI activist had sought the details from the department.

Furnishing the details, Deputy Secretary Amitabh Kundoo mentioned that the water bill of Kejriwal’s official residence is Rs 13, 920 since March 2015. The Deputy Chief Minister topped in consuming water of Rs 1. 63 lakhs.

The Chief Minister spent Rs 5.08 lakh “on petrol/oil/lubricants and maintenance of pilot vehicle provided” to him during February 2015 to October 2016. The RTI revealed that Sisodia spent Rs 8.6 lakh and Rs 6.5 lakh on tea and snack expenses at his office in the Secretariat and Camp office.

It seems the so called Aam Aadmi Party has become the “Khas Aadmi Party” and enjoying luxuries on public money. Who will bear the expenses? Obviously, the stare exchequer will have to pay for the enjoyment of Kejriwal and his cabinet.

When the AAP was formed it was announced that the party will be for a common man. However, the party has changed its stand and derailed from its ideology. The party has broken the hearts of Delhi people who trusted the party and gave the mandate in favor of AAP.


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