Sarna accused of backstabbing Sikh community

Former Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Mangement Committee (DSGMC) President, Paramjit Singh Sarna had a huge responsibility on his shoulder of perpetuating Sikh philosophy. A Socio-religious body, DSGMC is responsible for upkeep of all the Sikh shrines in the national capital and running of various educational institutes. But, taking undue advantage of his authority, Sarna involved in various unscrupulous activities during his tenure as President, DSGMC.


Backstabbing entire Sikh community, Sarna was involved in selling a hospital being constructed at a Gurudwara to a private party for an undisclosed amount. Sarna was accused of handing over the work of a hospital in Bala Sahib Gurdwara at Kanpur to a private firm against the rules.

A criminal case was lodged against him in 2012 by Delhi Police on the directive of Delhi High Court. Besides, indulging in corrupt practices, Sarna laundered huge amount through unfair means. He was accused of launching some unimportant projects and allotting the same to his close relatives.

It is noteworthy that while on one hand, he handed over the parking lot at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara to Delhi government for his vested interest; on the other hand parking lot at Sis Gunj Sahib Gurudwara was not required but Sarna made money by allotting the project his close relatives.


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