DSGMC takes historic steps towards propagation of Sikh Philosophy

Strong foundation is paramount for building a resilient structure. Likewise inculcating religious values from a young age goes a long way towards a rightful society infused with sacred philosophy. Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Manegment Committee (DSGMC) took right steps with an aim to connect young impressionable minds with Sikh values.


DSGMC started ‘Amritdhari’ (baptised) scheme with an aim to encourage young children to partake in religious activities. As per the scheme, school fee of ‘Amritdhari’ kids studying in DSGMC run institutes was waived off completely. Score of 50% and above was the only criteria for ‘Amritdhari’ kids to be eligible for this scheme.

Besides, DSGMC is running various scholarship schemes to support students in pursuing higher studies. Special emphasis is given to ensure that ‘Amritdhari’ students participate in various extra curricular activities. Special arrangements are made to provide free training various sports besides Sikh martial arts- ‘Gatka’.

One of the biggest steps in this direction, was the inclusion of Sikh history in the schools being run by DSGMC.

The movement started by DSGMC to spread the Sikh legacy is bearing fruits with younger generation developing interest in Sikh values in a big way.


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