Height of Financial irregularities and Fraudulent Activities during Sarna’s regime

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) faced severe financial irregularities during the tenure of former President Paramjit Singh Sarna. Being in power and being close to then ruling Congress government and Sarna and his younger brother Harvinder Singh Sarna amasses huge amount indulging in several fraudulent activities.


Sarna’s tenure witnessed utter mismanagement of various institutions owned by DSGMC. Several incidents came to fore where Sarna brothers conspired to take advantage of various institutions being run by DSGMC. They invited public ire for selling off the land belonging to Guru Harkrishan Sahib hospital. In addition, sold the hospital management contract to a privatized company eyeing personal benefit.

Financial irregularities had become a norm at DSGMC under the aegis of Sarna. Backstabbing entire Sikh community, Sarna executed many fraudulent activities for his vested interests. He was involved in selling a hospital being constructed at a Gurudwara to a private party for an undisclosed amount.

Construction work of a hospital at Bala Sahib Gurudwara was handed over to a private against the rules. A criminal case was later lodged against him in 2012 by Delhi Police on the directive of Delhi High Court.


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