Sikh radicals camping in Delhi for Sarna group

Under no circumstances can Sikh radicals stay away from gurdwara politics. A number of Sikh radicals, who once vehemently participated in Khalistan movement, are now camping in Delhi ahead of forthcoming Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) elections supporting their favourite candidates.


Wassan Singh Zafarwal, a former chief of Khalistan Commando Force is campaigning for all the candidates fielded by former DSGMC, President Paramjit Singh Sarna. It is noteworthy that Zafarwal is persuading all Sikh families to vote for Sarna’s candidates.

Zafarwal is not the lone Sikh radical to support Sarna group. Mokham Singh, another Sikh extremist, is also supporting the candidature of Sarna.

Radical support can pose serious threat considering Punjab’s turbulent past. But, Sarna doesn’t even blink an eyelid before siding with radicals. In an interview to a leading daily, Sarna stated that radical leaders’ presence will improve his poll prospects.

“In the last (DSGMC) elections in 2013, I made the mistake of not taking their support, and lost. I don’t want to take any chance this time,” said Sarna.

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