Realising inimical defeat, Sarna group resorts to violence

Former President, Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC), Paramjit Singh Sarna had received a crushing defeat in last elections and this time around, he is expected to repeat the history. His tenure as a President was marred with corruption and fraudulent activities and he particularly drew flak for indulging in anti-Sikh activities.


Gauging the public sentiment, Sarna has no chances of sailing through in the forthcoming Gurudwara elections. Several opinion polls have further accentuated the public mood. Realizing the slipping ground beneath his foot, Sarna has started to violence as a desperate attempt to stay afloat.

Sarna’s goons allegedly created ruckus at Punjabi Bagh Gurudwara and tried to sabotage the religious ceremony being organized by his opponent from the constituency, Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

The Sarna group tried to intimidate supporters of his archrival, Manjinder Singh Sirsa. His goons, tried to instigate and threaten the locals to cancel the programme.

Displaying sheer desperation, Sarna is playing dirty politics to avoid defeat and is hatching conspiracies to cancel the Gurudwara polls by instigating violence.

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