Group of activists up in arms against Delhi government

“Utterly disappointed with the functioning of Delhi government, a group of activists decided to form a ‘shadow Cabinet’, which would hold the Delhi ministers accountable and keep a tab on the real issues of the people.”


 In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promised moon and delivered nothing. Kejriwal is known for making false claims and tall promises and later retracting from his own stand. That is what happened in Delhi and disillusioned voters of Delhi are repenting their decision of supporting Kejriwal in the journey of becoming the CM of Delhi.

Activists; friends turned foe

Group of activists led by Chhaya Mandti Mandal (CMM), a NGO who had campaigned for AAP before the elections are now disappointed with the way things have turned out in past one year of AAP government’s rule. They have now decided to take it upon themselves to set things right.

In this direction, they will form a ‘shadow cabinet’ where in designated team will keep a close tab on the functioning of council of Ministers in Delhi government including the Deputy Cm and Chief Minsiter Arvind Kejriwal.

Job of a ‘Shadow Minister’

A shadow minister will keep a tab on the work, performance and efficiency of the ministry he/she will be assigned. He/she will further oversee, if the public funds are being spent pin a judicious manner and would simultaneously update the public on the same.


The shadow cabinet members will not only hold the ministers accountable but also keep tab on real issues being faced the people.


Transparency, honesty and accountability were the basic tenets, which were promulgated by AAP before government formation but drifting away from the core principles on which the party stood, they are now functioning in completely autocratic way. Rightly felt by this group of activists, perhaps this is the only way to set things right and make government accountable

Kejriwal to reshuffle portfolios of his ministers


Trying to save the image of AAP as party did not fulfil its promises

After the second budget session of AAP ruling regime, it has been decided by the party’s supremo to make major changes in the cabinet as the party has failed to achieve the promises made to the public of Delhi.

As per the information, the AAP supremo and the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a plan to befool the public again by making changes in the portfolios of cabinet ministers.

Anti-feminist Kejriwal to change Deputy Speaker Kumari

The AAP government always claim the protection of the rights of women. But in the cabinet of Arvind Kejriwal, no woman legislator was given a chance and now the Kejriwal is going to change the Deputy Speaker Bandana Kumari.

However, the speaker Ram Niwas Goel would get a cabinet berth as Kejriwal would make the party legislator happy this time. He would also include the legislators in his cabinet to please them.


A senior AAP leader told media, “A reshuffle is definite but no final decision has been taken on how the portfolios will be changed. The party has been observing its ministers and those in senior posts for the past one year, and has found that some of them are not making an impact politically, or as ministers. A final decision will be taken by Arvind Kejriwal shortly.”

Kejriwal trying to save AAP


People of Delhi have been raising questions on the work done by AAP in Delhi. So the muffler man has put the entire blame on the concerned minister and by reshuffling the portfolios, he would be fool the public once again.

Moreover, Kejriwal has no other option left to prove the party except sacking two ministers this time. Kejriwal’s minister Sandeep Kumar dealing with the Women and Child Development Ministry humiliated a school principal over his wife’s name not being there on an official plaque. The teachers and the parents association of the school had criticised the AAP government not taking any step against Sandeep. Finally, Kejriwal would sack him as minister to show the public that he has acted against his minister. However, Kejriwal did not sack Jitender Tomar, Somnath Bharti and other tainted AAP leaders from the party.