CAG: AAP made unrealistic budget in 2015


CAG directed to frame realistic budget as second time it’s even far away from reality

The maiden budget of AAP government has pointed out in the report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) for its unrealistic budgetary provisions.

In 2015, the ruling government of AAP had presented the budget and the party boasted of its highest fund allocations in different sectors. However, the CAG in its report has stated that the ruling government did not utilise the funds allocated in the different spheres. Moreover, CAG pulled up AAP government for non-utilisation of funds.

CAG findings on AAP’s budget

CAG has recommended realistic budget estimates to avoid large savings and supplementary provisions and devise suitable mechanisms by finance department to avoid rush of expenditure in last quarter, month of the financial year.

Against a total provision of Rs 37,117.99 crore, an expenditure of Rs 31,024.14 crore was incurred which resulted in savings of Rs 6,093.85 crore and most of the savings were either due to non-finalisation of purchase proposals in time, receipt of less claim, procurement of less store items, non-filling up of vacant posts and non-payment of arears of pay and allowances, among others.

CAG: The second budget of AAP is far away from reality

The CAG report also mentioned that the second budget presented by AAP is far away from the reality. The ruling government has allocated the highest budgetary provisions and it would not be possible for AAP government to utilise the amount. Moreover, the CAG also pointed out the Delhi government to consider the document again as non-utilisation of funds is unethical.

AAP government did not utilise the funds properly, said CAG

As per the information, many important departments of Delhi government have not spent the proper funds of the total allocated funds. The Public Welfare departments of labour and civil supplies failed to spend up to 90 per cent of the allocated funds.




Kejriwal’s crazy idea to install CCTVs in classrooms


Earlier AAP proposed 15 lakh cameras, but failed to provide the facility

The installation of the 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi for women security was the main agenda of AAP party and it was also mentioned in the party’s manifesto. However, the crazy Kejriwal’s regime failed to fulfil the promise as it is too much costly.

But now the ruling AAP government again proposed the installation of CCTVs in the classrooms of government schools. In the second budget, the Deputy of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia made the announcement during his budget speech.

CCTV cameras in public schools will improve education, foolish Sisodia

The ruling government of AAP boasted that the government want to make the public schools better than private schools.

According to Sisodia, a budget Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for the installation of CCTVs in each classroom of every school, Sisodia said. “We want to make public schools better than private schools,” he said

How come the move would enhance the level of education in government schools? The quality of education can be improved in Delhi only by filling the vacant posts of teachers in government schools. The government has preferred to spend Rs 100 crore on the installation of CCTV camera. It shows the craziness of Delhi CM and his deputy.

The government should fill the backlog of vacant seats of teachers in government schools instead of introducing such a foolish concept. The students need books, proper infrastructure and teachers.

Kejriwal had promised 15 lakh CCTV cameras but failed to do

Kejri cameras

In the party manifesto, the AAP supremo had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi but nothing has been done so far in this regard by AAP regime.

Kejriwal had said “Over 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across Delhi.” The foolish politician had given his statement in haste without considering any logical fact. Even in the developed countries, no city has number of cameras which Kejriwal mentioned in his party manifesto.



Kejriwal to reshuffle portfolios of his ministers


Trying to save the image of AAP as party did not fulfil its promises

After the second budget session of AAP ruling regime, it has been decided by the party’s supremo to make major changes in the cabinet as the party has failed to achieve the promises made to the public of Delhi.

As per the information, the AAP supremo and the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a plan to befool the public again by making changes in the portfolios of cabinet ministers.

Anti-feminist Kejriwal to change Deputy Speaker Kumari

The AAP government always claim the protection of the rights of women. But in the cabinet of Arvind Kejriwal, no woman legislator was given a chance and now the Kejriwal is going to change the Deputy Speaker Bandana Kumari.

However, the speaker Ram Niwas Goel would get a cabinet berth as Kejriwal would make the party legislator happy this time. He would also include the legislators in his cabinet to please them.


A senior AAP leader told media, “A reshuffle is definite but no final decision has been taken on how the portfolios will be changed. The party has been observing its ministers and those in senior posts for the past one year, and has found that some of them are not making an impact politically, or as ministers. A final decision will be taken by Arvind Kejriwal shortly.”

Kejriwal trying to save AAP


People of Delhi have been raising questions on the work done by AAP in Delhi. So the muffler man has put the entire blame on the concerned minister and by reshuffling the portfolios, he would be fool the public once again.

Moreover, Kejriwal has no other option left to prove the party except sacking two ministers this time. Kejriwal’s minister Sandeep Kumar dealing with the Women and Child Development Ministry humiliated a school principal over his wife’s name not being there on an official plaque. The teachers and the parents association of the school had criticised the AAP government not taking any step against Sandeep. Finally, Kejriwal would sack him as minister to show the public that he has acted against his minister. However, Kejriwal did not sack Jitender Tomar, Somnath Bharti and other tainted AAP leaders from the party.



AAP to increase VAT again, befooling the public

kejri 2

More items would be included under VAT ambit

The AAP regime in Delhi is going to loot the public again as the government has been planning to hike VAT third time. Moreover, several other commodities would be put under the ambit of VAT to achieve the set targets by the government.

As per the information, the AAP government had set the target of Rs 24000 crore from VAT collections but when the government had failed to achieve the target, the target was scaled down to Rs 21000 crore. According to the latest information, the government is going to hike the VAT to achieve the targets.

Third time the AAP would increase VAT

The government is also planning to increase VAT on several other items. According to the government officials, it has been decided by the concerned department to put more than five per cent VAT on plastic waste, textile items and readymade garments costing more than Rs2000. The VAT would be increased on wheat, rice flour and on the distribution of motion pictures.


Even the VAT would be increased on UPS from five to 13 per cent. Liquor and tobacco products would be costlier as VAT would be increased by 25 per cent this time. The government has been taking the step to increase the hike to achieve the more targets. Accoding to latest figures, the VAT department has generated only Rs 19000 crore from VAT.

AAP to put other commodities under AAP ambit

An official told the media, “In order to increase our collections, the department had proposed to bring certain items under VAT and also recommended tax hike on other products to generate additional revenue of about Rs 50 crore.”  The government had promised the public of Delhi that there would be no price hike by the government. However, the AAP government broken its promise by levying VAT on Petrol and Diesel twice in a year and this time, it would be the third time when the hypocrite Kejriwal government is going to hike VAT.

AAP would give the shock to people in second budget

The ruling AAP would give shock to the residents of Delhi third time as it has been decided by the government to introduce the increase during the second budget in the assembly.

As per the information, the hike proposal was sent to Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi but the old friend of Kejriwal played a stunt and asked the officials to make it as a part of the budget speech for the financial year 2016-17.

An AAP leader told media, “It is better to introduce new taxes only through the Budget document duly passed by the state legislature.”


AAP leaders commented on Punjab budget without knowing it


Anti-farmers AAP party always look for headlines in media

The leaders of AAP in Punjab always look for a chance to comment on the rival parties to get themselves in the limelight. AAP supremo has given the supreme lesson to its Punjab leader for hunting the headlines.

Punjab AAP leaders always follow the footsteps of Kejriwal as they always started giving their statements in media on rivals whenever something happens in the state.
This time the leaders of AAP had launched their attack on Punjab budget and termed it as anti-farmer. However, they forgot that AAP government in Delhi has betrayed with the farmers of national capital on crop damage compensation.

Moreover, the AAP had shown its cheap stunt when a farmer was instigated by Kejriwal to commit suicide in his rally.

Without knowing the budget provisions, AAP leaders commented on it


Right after the budget speech by Finance Minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa, the leaders of AAP Punjab had started commented on the budget without knowing the provisions. Like their top boss, they acted immediately on the budget and termed as anti-farmer. However, the foolish leaders have not properly studied the budget document and in haste they made statement to impress the people. The provisions of the budget would be an eye opener for AAP leaders.

Positive points of Punjab budget for farmers

  • Interest free crop loan of Rs 50000 per crop to small and marginal farmers having land up to 5 acres sanctioned in the budget.
  • Allocation of insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh in case of death or the disability of head of the family. Moreover, the family will be entitled to free medical facility up to 50,000 per year to approximately Rs 11 lakh.
  • Green signal for the Farmers Provident Fund cum Pension scheme to provide for secure and stable income to the farmers.
  • Abolished VAT on raw honey and bee keeping equipment which currently attract tax rate of 6.05 per cent. Pig feed is exempted from VAT to encourage diversification.
  • To showcase the innovative initiatives of farmers in these subsidiary occupations, and to motivate others to emulate them suitable awards shall be instituted.