Swaraj Abhiyan’s Accuses Kejriwal Of “Minimum Interest” In Governing The Capitol

Once AAP’s prominent ideologue and current president of Swaraj Party, Yogendra Yadav doesn’t shy away from launching a scathing attack on our beloved power-hungry Arvind Kejriwal. Calling a spade a spade, Yadav allegedly accused Kejriwal for taking an undue advantage for government provided resources in the name of creating party’s goodwill in other states.

The Swaraj India President, who was expelled from AAP for his “anti-party” activities after he crossed swords with the leadership last year, insisted on AAP having “minimum interest” in governing the capitol rather is more focused on capturing more and more states under their kitty, ultimately leaving the capital in a lurch. He allegedly claimed that AAP has always been ignorant of their duties, AAP ministers and MLAs for “often being outside Delhi” at a time when the city was struggling to cope with the vector-borne diseases.
“The AAP government is using Delhi merely as a stepping stone. They basically want to use Delhi’s resources, its visibility to step on to Punjab, Goa,” Yadav told PTI in an interview

He said the Swaraj group broke away from AAP as it “abandoned the basic ideology of internal democracy, financial transparency, swaraj, opposition to the new liberal economic policies”.

Alleging that AAP was being run as a corporate, he further charged AAP with befooling people through the “new experiment of political marketing”.

“Kejriwal had said AAP would shun the ‘high command’ culture of conventional political parties. Unfortunately, AAP has taken the ‘high command’ culture to new heights – the party has become one-man centric. Even the founding members were eased out of the party.”

Referring to the Delhi High Court judgment, which stamped primacy of the LG as the administrative head of the capital, Yadav said after the order, AAP has “lost all interest in governing”

“So, from being party which was obsessed with Delhi, it has become a party which has less than minimum interest required left in the state where it governs. They seem to have made up their mind that there is no juice left in Delhi. So, make use of Delhi,” Yadav said

The Swaraj Party has announced its dsire to contest in MCD polls claiming free education, free medicine, employment for all and a debt-free Punjab. Party spokesperson Prashant Yadav said the party would contest all 117 Vidhan Sabha seats of Punjab.

Rumors, Disagreements And More, The Aap Shakes Yet Again With The Release Of 3rd Candidate List

Gearing up for the battle for Punjab next year, the aam admi party overcomes an another requisite of the battle by releasing the third list of candidates on last Friday. With distribution of 29 tickets, the list included some turncoats, professional, first timers and young gun. However, not learned enough from it’s past mistakes aap doesn’t fail to disappoint many in the wake this announcement.

The party yet again party witness a rebellion by volunteers, with more than 200 volunteers metting at Adampur raising their voice against the candidature of Hans Raj Rana. In the spirit of expressing their disagreement, a 11 member committee was formed by, Dr Ravi Kumar, former excise and taxation officer SS Dhure and retired principal Harnek Singh, to talk to the party high command to replace Rana as a candidate.

“Rana is an outsider and is having no local links. He has been preferred over the volunteers, who had been working relentlessly for the past two years. It’s very unfortunate,” an aspirant told HT.

With bringing light to Rana’s prior involvement with bjp in 2012 assembly polls, members of the party raised question on his credibility. While another ticket given to Amarjit Thind, a 34 year old doctor in Shahkot also didn’t bode well with the party members as well. Senior leader  Col CD Kamboj (retd), who had left the Congress last year to join the AAP. Sources close to Kamboj said he was miffed with the selection of the candidate and has conveyed his resentment to the party high command. Sources said Kamboj, who was last week announced as vice-president of the AAP, has been promised suitable post in case the party comes to power in Punjab.

“But he has categorically told the party high-ups that his first desire was to serve the people by getting elected as an MLA. He is likely to take a few more days to take the final call,” said a leader close to Kamboj. Kamboj refused to comment on the issue.

Insipite of AAP MP Bhagwant Mann supporting the bandwagon disappointed tickets aspirants and leveling with the, there still exist party members who didn’t deter from their stand of bearing the brunt of injustice. party ticket aspirant Satpal Singla accused AAP candidate Nazar Singh Manshahia. Singla, a founding member of the party, of indulging in financial irregularities when he served in the Punjab Pollution Control Board and reasoned this behind his premature retirement from the department. Manshahiya denied the allegations saying Singla was telling lies.

From being a front face of creating an illusion of trust, faith, equity and formost unity, AAP has time and again fallen short on keeping their mission intact whether it’s within the party or outside. And now with a bag full non-impressed members, Seems like all AAP is heading in this poll, for a battle amongst themselves more than the opposition itself.

Reaching The New Heights Of Low, Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP’s ‘secret unit’ exposed

The royal battle between Delhi’s ruling party,  AAP and center – Lieutenant Governor takes an even more appalling turn with recent unearthing of Kejriwal’s “serect Intel” group, on Monday. With  AAP imploding and exploding simultaneously efforts to conqour and remain in power from all nooks and corners, kejriwal has left no stone unturned vying for his political gains.

According to the reports, this special unit forces was specifically assigned to snoop on government employees’ daily activities whether they were working or not. According to the sources, the unit comes directly under chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. And was delivering its dues of passing every minute information to him.

In the wake of coming in power with a brute majority in delhi assembly in 2015, Arvind Kejriwal began to put together a team that comprised serving and retired officials of the Enforcement Directorate, Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other agencies, and offered them secret funds, perhaps with the intent to run a body of sleuths that would work in parallel with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). Shockingly, this effort was kept under wraps and made without securing the required approval of the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Delhi.

The unit was exposed by the news channel ‘India Today’ after that LG Najeeb Jung launched a probe against the team.

According to the channel, the team was constituted in August to snoop government officials. Now, the snooping angle is being probed.

The channel further stated that despite innumerable attempt any of Aam Admi Party (AAP) leaders could not be reached. They many times tried to contact Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia but the efforts went in vain.

AAP creates friction between communities to gain political mileage

“Aam Aadmi Party has always been creating differences between communities to score political points and create vote bank. Demolition of ‘Chabeel’ at Sis Ganj Sahib Gurudwara is proof of that.”


 Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmin Party (AAP) has always projected itself as the crusader of Sikh cause. On the other side, Arvind Kejriwal leaves no opportunity to project himself as well wisher of Sikh community. But all their claims proved to politically motivated as it is now evident they have been trying to create a divide between different communities to milk vote banks.

AAP gave orders to demolish ‘chabeel’

A curfew like situation was stirred after demolition of ‘Chabeel’ (water kiosk) at historical Sheesh Ganj Sahib Gurudwara at Chandni Chowk. Dozens of policemen were deployed and was like situation was created due to tension eruption between communities.

Alka Lamba, AAP MLA from Chandni Chowk who also happens to be the Director Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation (SRDC) was part of the meeting and she was instrumental in the dubious and destructive plan.

Proof of their divisive politics is the fact that Lamba had put up the case with Delhi CM and latter ordered representatives of all concerned agencies to initiate action against squatters and unauthorised construction.

It is pertinent to here that it was decided in the meeting headed by Alka Lamba that even the religious structures encroached illegally would note be spread in the anti encroachment drive.

AAP spreading communal disharmony

AAP government has dubious record of playing politics on religious grounds. In the name of governance, they demolished a “chabeel’ near the Gurdwara, which was catering to water demands of a large number of people. By doing so, they have not only hindered an act of humanity but also deeply hurt Sikh sentiments.

AAP’s pro-farmer agenda, a political farce

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) covener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is a self-proclaimed messiah of poor & downtrodden people. But in reality, all his moves are politically motivated to gather votes. His latest political stunt involves around farmers of Punjab!”


 In a move to score political brownie points, AAP supremo has sent his leaders to examine the rain affected in Punjab. it must be noted here that untimely rain had severely affected crops like wheat in Punjab but two crucial questions arise here – first, are those leaders agricultural experts? Second, leaving Delhi what are these leaders trying to prove in the jurisdiction of Punjab?

Political move to gather votes

Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP is leaving no stone unturned create some noise in state where it doesn’t have any political base or organisation structure. Failing to make any headway in state, AAP is resorting to cheap antics to garner sympathy of Punjab voters. Punjab being an agricultural dominated economy, farming community plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of elections.


AAP couldn’t have missed out on such huge opportunity in the run-up to assembly polls and from Kejriwal’s much hyped visit to the families of farmers who had committed suicide to latest move sending AAP leaders from Delhi to examine rain affected crops, Aam Aadmi Party is going al out to woo crucial farming community in Punjab.

Kejriwal’s false agenda exposed


Kejriwal might have visited the families of farmers who had committed suicide in state to garner sympathy but perhaps he has forgotten that that the memories of farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide during a AAP rally is still fresh in people’s minds.

Even as the poor farmer ended his life by hanging himself to a tree, Delhi CM continued making his public speech on the dais whilst posing for TV cameras. This incident had exposed his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others. Now, he is trying to reopen the wounds in Punjab for gaining political mileage.

AAP leaders commented on Punjab budget without knowing it


Anti-farmers AAP party always look for headlines in media

The leaders of AAP in Punjab always look for a chance to comment on the rival parties to get themselves in the limelight. AAP supremo has given the supreme lesson to its Punjab leader for hunting the headlines.

Punjab AAP leaders always follow the footsteps of Kejriwal as they always started giving their statements in media on rivals whenever something happens in the state.
This time the leaders of AAP had launched their attack on Punjab budget and termed it as anti-farmer. However, they forgot that AAP government in Delhi has betrayed with the farmers of national capital on crop damage compensation.

Moreover, the AAP had shown its cheap stunt when a farmer was instigated by Kejriwal to commit suicide in his rally.

Without knowing the budget provisions, AAP leaders commented on it


Right after the budget speech by Finance Minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa, the leaders of AAP Punjab had started commented on the budget without knowing the provisions. Like their top boss, they acted immediately on the budget and termed as anti-farmer. However, the foolish leaders have not properly studied the budget document and in haste they made statement to impress the people. The provisions of the budget would be an eye opener for AAP leaders.

Positive points of Punjab budget for farmers

  • Interest free crop loan of Rs 50000 per crop to small and marginal farmers having land up to 5 acres sanctioned in the budget.
  • Allocation of insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh in case of death or the disability of head of the family. Moreover, the family will be entitled to free medical facility up to 50,000 per year to approximately Rs 11 lakh.
  • Green signal for the Farmers Provident Fund cum Pension scheme to provide for secure and stable income to the farmers.
  • Abolished VAT on raw honey and bee keeping equipment which currently attract tax rate of 6.05 per cent. Pig feed is exempted from VAT to encourage diversification.
  • To showcase the innovative initiatives of farmers in these subsidiary occupations, and to motivate others to emulate them suitable awards shall be instituted.