Kejriwal’s another empty promise; free medicines, diagnostic tests

“Ahead of Delhi assembly Polls, Arvind Kejriwal promised to set up 1000 ‘mohalla’ clinics in Delhi. With only one clinic making in roads, it proved to be yet another polls plank. Now Kejriwal has made another unrealistic promise of providing medicines and all diagnostic tests free of cost.”


 In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party prepared a 70-point manifesto and laid special emphasis on healthcare. Kejriwal was committed to turn around crippling healthcare delivery system in national capital and make it more accessible. In this direction, it promised to set-up 1000 ‘mohalla’ clinics across Delhi.

Perceived it as a revolutionary move towards making healthcare accessible, it failed to make any headway as so far only one clinic has come up. Adding onto its empty promises, Kejriwal promised to provide free medicines and all diagnostic tests at all government hospitals in Delhi.

Unrealistic promise


Delhi’s population stands close to two crores which is increasing at whopping rate of 21% as per the last census conducted in 2011. Providing free medicine and offering all the diagnostic tests including radio diagnosis like X-ray, CT scan, MRI etc. free of cost to entire populace of national capital would prove to be unrealistic feat to achieve. Delhi government would go bankrupt if AAP government in Delhi goes on to implement this envisaged plan.

Besides 1000 ‘mohalla’ clinics, AAP government has also planned to set up 150 polyclinics and 50 tertiary hospitals.

It is noteworthy here that Delhi government opened its first ‘Mohalla’ clinic at a relief camp in Peeragarhi area after one year. But barely two months after its operation, the much-hyped project was rejected by local residents for lack of medicines and other equipment.

AAP government splurges crores on misleading ads

“The AAP government’s recent advertising campaign was meant to serve the dual purpose of targeting the opponent by false claims and glorifying its one-year rule.”


 Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) immediately after taking charge of Delhi government earmarked a massive budget of Rs 526 crores for advertising it must be noted here that this was more than ten times the ad budget in the previous year and was even higher than the ad budget of central government. AAP government in first year of its rule in Delhi has utilised the said amount cleverly for its personal gains.

Violation of the Government Advertisement Guidelines

 Arvind Kejriwal-led government was publishing and airing advertisements and promotional campaign in violation of the government advertising guidelines. It was alleged that Delhi government had made false statement and produced wrong information in front of High court in a reply sought by the court.

It was alleged that Delhi government in its reply on February 25, 2016 stated, that the one-year anniversary campaign was only carried out for four days but in reality it the Delhi government had continued to publish and telecast advertisements and advertorials for more than 20 days.

High court slams Delhi government

Delhi high court slammed Delhi government for indulging in “large scale wastage of taxpayers’ money” on its political activities by launching the advertisement campaign. The high court lamented Delhi government for allegedly publishing and airing advertisements in newspapers, TV channels and radio in and outside Delhi in violation of the guidelines and had sought appropriate action against concerned officials “for the large scale wastage of the taxpayers’ money on political activities of the ruling party.

Fissures among AAP government exposed

“Arvind Kejriwal who has the dubious distinction of functioning in a dictatorship style has been taking all the party decision single handedly. There was never a voice of opposition against AAP supremo but now murmurs of dissent have started appearing in public.”


 In the budget presented for the financial year 2016-17, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government decided to impose 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) on textile and footwear. This unprecedented move invited public ire, which would have severely affected the small traders in particular. While kejriwal was hell-bent on going ahead with imposing VAT, few of the AAP legislatures were opposed to this move.

Three AAP MLAs opposed the move

While the government proposed to levy 5 per cent tax on textile and footwear, while presenting the budget for 2016-17, AAP MLAs Alka Lamba, Madan Lal and Vishesh Ravi opposed the move.


Traders of Delhi had opposed this move tooth and nail as in the wake of tax disparity between neighbouring states, this move would have resulted in out flow of business to other states from Delhi. Three AAP MLAs supported the protesting traders and Kejriwal was forced to roll back his decision.

Signs of cracks in party

Kejriwal managed to lead the party with no other leader raising his/her voice especially when it came to taking crucial party decisions. But every dictator’s time comes to an end and Kejriwal is no exception either. His own party folks are rising against him.

This could be termed as positive move as it will make AAP supremo and Delhi CM more accountable and will force him to be more considerate for the issue of common public at large. But unfortunately this too little and too late!

Kejriwal promoting booze culture at the cost of women safety

“AAP led Delhi government’s double standards are exposed yet again by their new move of paving the way to bars to open 24/7. Citing revenue crunch as the reasons for the changed excise policy, Arving Kejriwal always keeps saying that Delhi government ahs enough revenue when their publicity spending is questioned.”


 Delhi has the dubious distinction of being the “rape capital” of the country. Crime against women and law & order situation is matter of great concern in the national capital and this move will further aggravate the problems. As the Delhi government is planning to open 24 hours bars and restaurants with the proposed 2016-17-excise policy, it is clear that the government is only concerned about increasing their revenue collection.

Women safety to go on toss

This move will adversely affect the social fabric of the city and create law and order problems, which are already a matter of deep concern. Even now, women in Delhi do not dare step out of the house in the night and situation will even worsen. The proposed move will severely affect the social and cultural fabric of national capital.

 Driven by money

Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra has stated that the government was in talks with shopkeepers, restaurant owners, police, labour department and other stakeholders in this regard. He further stated that this move would help in increasing revenue collection. It must be noted here Delhi CM and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal has endorsed the move by saying that Delhi government is going through severe financial crunch and this move will help to bail out.

It is ironical that Kejriwal is now crying for lack of funds now in defense of changed excise policy but he always claims of having sufficient funds when Delhi government’s publicity spending is questioned.

AAP wooing Dalit voters in Punjab

“In the run-up to Punjab assembly polls Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is leaving no stone unturned to woo as many voters as possible. Dalit voters constituent 32% of the electorate in the state, which is highest in the country. Seeing huge opportunity, AAP is going all out to garner dalit sympathy.”

Unable to garner any sort of public support, AAP is relying heavily on dalit voters. It must be noted that in Doaba region of Punjab, Dalit constituent over 40% of the voters. In the latest move, Arvind Kejriwal led party decided to woo the Dalit voters in Punjab and Kejriwal is visiting the state second time in a fortnight with this dubious intention. It is pertinent to mention here that the party has already formed a SC/ST wing to focus on marginalized community.

 Vote bank politics

AAP has gone all out to play vote bank politics. It must be noted that the party, which had always criticized other parties for appeasement of a particular vote bank, is itself indulging heavily into it.

During Lok Sabha polls the party tried wooing Muslim voters and its convener Arvind Kejriwal was witnessed wearing a skull cap while visiting Muslim dominated areas.

Eye on Dera vote bank

There are many small and big Deras (religious conglomerate) in Punjab, which enjoy massive support base especially from marginalized community from socio-economic downtrodden society. Kejriwal has handpicked three largest deras in the state, which enjoy huge follower base.

Besides Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Kejriwal is also visiting the dera of Balbir Singh Seechewal at Seechewal village in Jalandhar district and Baba Pargat Nath of Valmik Yog Ashram at Rahimpur village here.

Kejriwal will kick off his dalit trip in the state from Gurdwara Bunga Sahib along the banks of the Sutlej river, where he will meet the family of Kanshi Ram.

 It must be noted that Kejriwal rose to the power with the claims of offering clean and alternative politics. But in stark contrast to their claims, AAP is busy playing divisive role of indulging in vote bank politics.

Kejriwal to bait dalits by visiting Kanshi Ram’s village

Kanshi Ram

The muffler man of Delhi is going to play another political stunt in Punjab for baiting dalit voters. As per the information, the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal has decided to visit the BSP founder president Kanshi Ram’s village Khawaspur in Rupnagar district on March 15.

The visit of Kejriwal is enough to create ripples in Punjab politics, as the AAP was eyeing the Dalit votes. Stakes were high for AAP and it was owing to this reason that Kejriwal was all set to woo the dalit vote bank in Punjab through this ‘politically aimed’ visit because there are 32 per cent dalit voters in Punjab. The per cent of dalit voters in Punjab is highest voter per cent in the country.

AAP supremo to play dalit politics again in Punjab

kejriwal met tank family

During his visit to Punjab few days back, Kejriwal had visited the dalit family of Bheem Tank who was murdered in Abohar. The Chief Minister had played a trump card at that time by offering a job in Delhi to the family member of deceased.

When the birthday of the BSP founder Late Kanshi Ram is approaching on March 15, Kejriwal is going to play the dalit politics card again. The muffler man knows that how to bait the voters and especially those who are the biggest vote banks.

BSP’s reaction on Kejri’s tour


The BSP Supremo Mayawati has already announced a rally at Nawanshahr on March 15, where it was expected that she will announce party strategy for the ensuing assembly elections 2017.

Mayawati’s rally was dedicated to the birth anniversary celebrations of Kanshi Ram. BSP Punjab spokesman Balwinder Kumar said, “Let Kejriwal come, he can’t hold a rally on Kanshi Ram’s ideology at the last moment. The BSP has covered entire Punjab while the party rank and file was making door to door visits in Nawanshahr to ensure that not just the dalits but the general category people also turn up.”

Kejriwal cannot befool the dalits by his stunts. The people of Delhi has already came to know that Kejriwal is just hungry for the votes and nothing else.