Anti-feminist AAP on International Women’s Day

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“The party which did not inducted even a single MLA in cabinet now preaching people to celebrate International Women’s Day on all 365 days.”

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal who did not give space to female MLA in his cabinet has congratulated women on International Women’s Day. Moreover, Kejriwal has told the people that this day should be celebrated on all 365 days in a year. A Chief Minister who has not inducted any female MLA of AAP in the cabinet cannot talk about the rights of women. The stance of Kejriwal has shown his anti-feminist face.

Dual face of Kejriwal

When the AAP supremo had took the oath of Chief Minister of Delhi second time with a landslide victory, he did not bother to give space to female MLA from AAP. On the other hand, when it comes to gain political mileage, he always remains in the front line as on International Women’s Day, Kejriwal tweeted in the favour of women.

The double standards of AAP supremo have been exposed as he highly talks about the issues but in reality, he forgets everything.

Molesters’ in AAP


The party should first teach the lessons of morality and manners to its own MLA are who are facing the cases of molestation. Kejriwal’s right hand and senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas was caught in controversies when an AAP female worker filed a police complaint against him for molesting her two times. The police is investigating the case and Kumar could be under troubled waters.

Dharmendra Koli, the AAP MLA has been facing the molestation case in Delhi. The AAP MLA Akhilesh Tripathi is also indulged in the molestation case and he is facing the trial.

Kejriwal’s confidant Bharti facing domestic violence case


Kejriwal should first teach his party leaders to respect women instead of preaching the people. First he should improve his own confidant, Somnath Bharti whose wife filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. Bharti’s wife had made shocking revelations of her husband’s brutal torture.