Reaching The New Heights Of Low, Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP’s ‘secret unit’ exposed!

The royal battle between Delhi’s ruling party,  AAP and center – Lieutenant Governor takes an even more appalling turn with recent unearthing of Kejriwal’s “serect Intel” group, on Monday. With  AAP imploding and exploding simultaneously efforts to conqour and remain in power from all nooks and corners, kejriwal has left no stone unturned vying for his political gains.

According to the reports, this special unit forces was specifically assigned to snoop on government employees’ daily activities whether they were working or not. According to the sources, the unit comes directly under chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. And was delivering its dues of passing every minute information to him.

In the wake of coming in power with a brute majority in delhi assembly in 2015, Arvind Kejriwal began to put together a team that comprised serving and retired officials of the Enforcement Directorate, Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other agencies, and offered them secret funds, perhaps with the intent to run a body of sleuths that would work in parallel with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). Shockingly, this effort was kept under wraps and made without securing the required approval of the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Delhi.

The unit was exposed by the news channel ‘India Today’ after that LG Najeeb Jung launched a probe against the team.

According to the channel, the team was constituted in August to snoop government officials. Now, the snooping angle is being probed.

The channel further stated that despite innumerable attempt any of Aam Admi Party (AAP) leaders could not be reached. They many times tried to contact Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia but the efforts went in vain.

Surgical Strikes: Why The Need To Reveal An Evidence Now?

Admist all those question rising about authenticity of Modi approved, successful counter-terrorism operation led surgical strike across the lines of control (LoC) by pakistan, Congress and AAP led camps joins the bandwagon of doubters demanding army to release a proof.

With a clear intention to play down the success of the said operation like AAP Congress too have question the integrity of these operations, rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi among others lauded the efforts. While P Chidambaram and Sanjay Nirupam among others have tried have been asking for proof of the operation or even going to the extent of terming them as fake.  The party has indirectly persisted with attempts to ask for proof under the garb of getting the government to call Pakistan’s bluff.

While it seems strange to ask our Army to reveal the video evidence of its operations when this is not a lone incident of Indian forces counter striking to the various threats and won’t certainly be the last, why was they ever not asked for any proof earlier? However, it indeed has been a first of its kind incident where an Indian government has come out in admission of carrying out such attacks. It is also notable that when the US carried out similar strikes in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden, it came out admitting the same. The Indian government or any other government did not act as doubters.

The intention is however clear for all to observe and the prime minister, who has acted in the best interest of all Indians, is under no obligation to prove his position to anyone, least of all politicians who are only interested in extracting political brownie points. The Assembly elections are due in crucial states in 2017 and the parties are resorting to any measure to pull the other down, even at the cost of undermining national pride.

It’s saddening that In times of adversity, when the country and its political fraternity need to stand together as a singular front, such conduct comes out as an insult to the armed forces and the country.

Driving The Voters Away, AAP Weakens Its Stake Over Punjab

Contrary to the overzealous expectations of the public, the Aam Aadmi Party has not emerged as a party with a “difference, and joining the bandwagon of doubter around Uri attack and the subsequent retaliation by Indian armed forces, has led the party fall into a digger pit as the election are drawn so close in Punjab.

AAP bagged four seats and secured nearly one-fourth of the total votes polled. 13 percent of traditional Congress supporters and 17 percent of SAD-BJP supporters voted for AAP (according to the CSDS). AAP benefited from the double anti-incumbency – anger against the Congress-led UPA government as well as the frustration against the SAD-BJP government in the state.

However, In the after math of the recent Uri episode across the line of control where in, in context of Punjab sharing its border with Pakistan, the lack of efforts ensuring a strategically security of the people seems to have given a blow to the lead of AAP.

However, it might just be unlikely for these surgical attacks to play a massive role in wavering the minds in February election next year, as the violence in Kashmir in likely in decrease from November onwards and the focus of the centre would shift towards the economy.

But, indeed AAP’s abysmal track record during the massive outbreak of chikungunya and dengue in the capital has left a great impact on the party withstanding supporters. With the absence of ministers including the AAP’s chief Arvind Kejriwal and Sisodia missing from the scene hasn’t been the best move for them in the long run.

When sounds of their promiscuous promises still ringing high among the public of Punjab who is already reeling from slow economic growth and drug issue has lost faith and truth questioning the intent of AAP’s power driven politics. A leader who couldn’t live up to the promised of developing Delhi as a model state- had gone around asking for more support and power to delude the public

To top it off, While Congress and SAD have long ago announced their CM candidate, AAP is still juggling with the question of who would be leading the party in Punjab polls 2017. All the surveys done in Punjab have so far shown Kejriwal as the preferred candidate. The party does not have a strong candidate other than Kejriwal, and this could turn away the swing voters who may prefer the comfort of familiar leaders like Capt Amarinder and Badal. Kejriwal being a non-Sikh also doesn’t help his cause in a state which has always elected CMs from the community.

Whatever may be the result of this contest among used to be more so predominantly bipolar but now triangular, enmity of SAD, Congress and AAP, would definitely bring about a huge change for the spirit of the state.

Kejriwal Sacks AAP Cabinet Minister Sandeep Kumar For Alleged Sex Scandal

In the light of receiving allegedly “objectionable” evidence against minister of child and welfare and social justice, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sacks Sandeep Kumar with immediate effect.

On Wednesday, a CD was delivered to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s home which had already been leaked earlier in the evening to some TV channels. A nine-minute video on the CD allegedly shows Sandeep Kumar, in what Aam Aadmi Party leaders described as “a compromising position with two women”. It also had 11 photographs.

Earlier this year on International Women’s Day, Sandeep Kumar made news when he claimed he touches his wife’s feet every morning before he begins his day, has created a mockery of his own words.

Main roz subah inke pair choo kar ghar se nikalta hoon (I touch her feet before leaving the house every morning),” he said, bringing the packed auditorium at Delhi’s secretariat down with a thunderous response.

A meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s Flagstaff Road bungalow, after AAP went into a huddle with top AAP leaders in attendance. Soon after which Kejriwal took to Twitter to announce his decision: “Recd “objectionable” CD of minister Sandeep Kr. AAP stands for propriety in public life. That can’t be compromised. Removing him from Cabinet wid immediate effect.”


For what seemed more like damage control rather than prompt action,  Deputy Manish Sisodia, soon gave his piece of mind to the media,”The Delhi CM found an objectionable CD involving Sandeep Kumar. Within half an hour, action was taken. The minister was removed.”

“AAP is a party of ideals. It has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, scandals… Ministers found taking bribes were removed immediately as soon as it was found. Action will be taken swiftly against any member irrespective of status or position,” he said.

In the 19 months ruling of AAP government in delhi, Sandeep Kumar is the third minister removed by Arvind Kejriwal. He had sacked food minister Asim Ahmed Khan last year for allegedly demanding bribe and law minister Jitender Tomar, who was accused of faking his college degree.

AAP is now being routinely exposed as a party low on scruples that were promised by Kejriwal. His own penchant for alacrity in such matters has been deprived of its novelty and moral underpinnings.

Kejriwal has allegedly proven to accept the moral responsibility for picking up the morally corrupt MLA in the Cabinet.

RTI wing leader resigns AAP over its “dictatorial attitude”

RTI wing state general secretary Harmilap Grewal of Aam Admi Party who had been working in the party’s anti-corruption wing recently resigned from the party accusing the party’s leadership style as mere dictatorship.

Only few days ago, I was appointed as the general secretary of the RTI wing. However, I found that the party did not have democratic norms in running the organization and even tried to befool people while deciding tickets. They were pre-decided. Going by it, I decided to resign from the party,” says

Grewal further clarified that he was never an aspirant for the party ticket however was deeply pained by the pattern of voting party used. he announced to join the front to be formed by suspended AAP MP from Patiala Dharamvira Gandhi.

Last month,former IAS officer Karamjit Sra and former Indian Forest Services officer Hardeep Singh Kingra had resigned from party

CAG: AAP made unrealistic budget in 2015


CAG directed to frame realistic budget as second time it’s even far away from reality

The maiden budget of AAP government has pointed out in the report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) for its unrealistic budgetary provisions.

In 2015, the ruling government of AAP had presented the budget and the party boasted of its highest fund allocations in different sectors. However, the CAG in its report has stated that the ruling government did not utilise the funds allocated in the different spheres. Moreover, CAG pulled up AAP government for non-utilisation of funds.

CAG findings on AAP’s budget

CAG has recommended realistic budget estimates to avoid large savings and supplementary provisions and devise suitable mechanisms by finance department to avoid rush of expenditure in last quarter, month of the financial year.

Against a total provision of Rs 37,117.99 crore, an expenditure of Rs 31,024.14 crore was incurred which resulted in savings of Rs 6,093.85 crore and most of the savings were either due to non-finalisation of purchase proposals in time, receipt of less claim, procurement of less store items, non-filling up of vacant posts and non-payment of arears of pay and allowances, among others.

CAG: The second budget of AAP is far away from reality

The CAG report also mentioned that the second budget presented by AAP is far away from the reality. The ruling government has allocated the highest budgetary provisions and it would not be possible for AAP government to utilise the amount. Moreover, the CAG also pointed out the Delhi government to consider the document again as non-utilisation of funds is unethical.

AAP government did not utilise the funds properly, said CAG

As per the information, many important departments of Delhi government have not spent the proper funds of the total allocated funds. The Public Welfare departments of labour and civil supplies failed to spend up to 90 per cent of the allocated funds.




Kejriwal played political stunt by using Bhagat Singh’s name


He says AAP govt working towards fulfilling the dream of Martyr

Everything is face in politics for the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal as he always en cash the situations for political gains.

On the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, the AAP supremo unveiled the busts of freedom fighters in the premises of Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Even he claimed that his government has been working towards fulfilling Bhagat Singh’s dream of freedom.

Mr Keriwal, Britons left India in 1947

Bhagat Singh had fought for country’s freedom and he sacrificed his life for the nation. In 1947, the country attained independence and in 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. He talked non sense by using the great martyr’s name and played cheap publicity stunt.

The speech of Kejriwal seemed to have been made with an eye on the poll-bound state of Punjab. He has made the statement to please the people of Punjab as he is preparing for the assembly elections of Punjab next year.

A part of the speech by foolish Kejriwal mentioned the imperialism word. India attained freedom in 1947. He said in his speech, “Bhagat Singhji had said that freedom will not come only from driving the British out of the country, it will come when imperialism, poverty comes to an end and farmers and laborers live happily.”

Kejriwal only discussed Punjab in his speech

 He said that the AAP government in Delhi was trying to turn Singh’s dream into reality. He also pointed out that families of farmers committing suicide in Punjab had got no relief. “When crops of farmers are destroyed, the Delhi government does not sit with its head in its hands. The Delhi chief minister goes on visits from one village to another. And when crops were destroyed last year, the Delhi government paid the highest ever compensation of Rs 20,000 per acre. Farmers work tirelessly to grow their crops so we can feed ourselves. When farmers face difficulties, it is the government’s duty to help them out. That is what Bhagat Singhji was martyred for,” he said.

Kejriwal mislead the people in his speech

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal misled the people in his speech. He boasted of his promises which were not delivered by AAP. Majority of his speech was based on Punjab and he was talking about Punjab issues only. He said his government did a lot for farmers but reality speaks something different as AAP government has not issued the compensation amounts to the farmers for their crop damage. He tried to dupe the people by making wrong statement.