AAP minister professes splurge of water

Environmentalists and activists have been urging people avoid wasteful use of water. However Delhi Minister of water supply, Kapil Misra has a different take, “People should play Holi with full heart, they should not think twice before using water”, Tweeted the Minister.

Delhi Minister of Water Supply, Kapil Misra

Recent Jat agitation had exposed the harsh reality of water issues in Delhi. Delhi is not self-reliant and depends on other states for water supply, yet so much of water is wasted in the National capital. When there is growing sense of responsibility about environment and more number of people are coming forward to play dry holi to avoid unnecessary wastage of water, Delhi Minister’s statement is is uncalled for and shows insensitive & irresponsible attitude.

Encouraging more water wastage


A person cannot just go on living in his or her individual capacity but should rethink about duties towards society at large. We are living on the brink with rapid degradation of environment. In this context, it becomes everyone’s duty to do his/her bit in saving environment and since water is essential component of our life, we should do everything possible to save water. Unfortunately, Delhi Minister’s statement will only encourage more wastage of water.

Religious sentiments

Kapil Misra, Delhi Minister of water supply is citing the religious sentiments as the reason behind making this statement. But he should try to understand the essence of Delhi. Holi signifies colours and water element is added for the fun and in fact it is being misused by people at large to annoy others. Excessive use of water can only at times leads to mishaps besides sheer wastage.


The minister also went on record to state that he had been playing with water since childhood and would do the same. Public memories of water crisis in national capital during Jat agitation is afresh when supply was completely cut off by protesting people in Haryana.

We just hope that people of Delhi ignores irresponsible remarks of minister and play safe & environment friendly Holi.