Why AAP deleted ‘funds information’ from its website?


The Aam Aadmi Party has been facing the tough time as the Income Tax Department has detected a fraud made by the party.

The Income Tax Department has found that the records, about the funds that the party claimed as donations on its website, that were submitted to the Election Commission do not match with the list put up on the party’s website.

As per the information, the party received foreign funding on the fake PAN cards and even the party got the funds from the anti-national forces operating from various countries.

The AAP senior leaders have been touring in foreign countries and the anti-national forces are bearing their expenses. After its formation, the AAP had put the list of donors on its website.

However, the party started receiving the illegal funding and finally, deleted the list of donors from its website. The matter was unearthed by the Income Tax Department.

Even a prominent news channel has procured the documents related to the funding fraud, and the investigations are on. The party has been going towards its dooms day as the completion of the probe would raise curtains from so many doubts.

Meanwhile, another scam of the AAP regarding the mutualisation of public money in ad campaigns outside Delhi. The Delhi funds were used to pay for ad campaigns in Goa and Punjab for the upcoming assembly polls in the two states.

According to the official figures, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal used Rs 1.5 crore from the annual budget of Delhi for the ad campaigns in Punjab and Goa.

The Chief Minister of Delhi left the people in the lurch and spending the taxpayers’ hard earned money for ad campaigns in other states. Arvind Kejriwal has not been holding any portfolio as he is aiming to win all states.