The truth behind the ink attacks on AAP leaders?



In the history of Indian Politics, AAP has emerged on the top as the leaders are being targeted for ink attacks and the party always blame BJP for the ink attacks. A question arises in everyone’s mind that why AAP leaders victimised, and they blame BJP only?

It’s just a stunt to gain political mileage or divert the attention of public from the core issues. A creative uploaded on Aam Aadmi Party-Punjab projected the Chief Minister of Arvind Kejriwal as a hero. A two liner has been describing that the party would write the new chapter of revolution with the ink thrown at Arvind Kejriwal and blaming BJP for the attacks.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia was the victim last week when he was briefing the media about his meeting with LG Najeeb Jung. The national capital has been witnessing tough time as Dengue and Chikungunya broke out in the state. At least 18 people died because of the disease.

When the disease broke out in the state, the entire AAP cabinet was touring in other states for upcoming assembly polls. The Chief Minister was in Bengaluru so his deputy Sisodia was supposed to handle the responsibility of Delhi. However, the Deputy Chief Minister was enjoying holidays in Finland.

Najeeb Jang wrote a letter to Sisodia and called him at his residence to explain the situation of the state and the measures taken by Delhi government. Suddenly, a person hurled ink at Sisodia during the media briefing.

The party blamed BJP’s hand behind the ink attack. However, the facts speak something different. The accused Brajesh Shukla is an old critic of AAP party, and moreover, he was angry because Sisodia was in Finland when the disease broke out in the state. Shukla told the police that Sisodia should have cancelled his tour as the health care facilities in government hospitals are not up to the mark.

However, this was not only the first attack on AAP leader. In April 2016, a man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal when he was announcing the next round of the odd-even scheme. The thrower used to work in AAP party and later formed his group.

It is evident that the Odd-Even scheme was a failure and shoe throwing was stage-managed by AAP party. In January 2016, a woman threw ink at Kejriwal in thanksgiving rally for Odd-Even pilot project.  The woman has easily reached on the stage and threw ink. In fact, Kejriwal himself told his commandoes not to come near the stage. At least 60 armed commandoes with Delhi police were guarding him at that time and how come it was so easy for a woman to come closer to Kejriwal. And the party had blamed BJP for the ink attack.

In 2014, a person attacked Kejriwal during the poll campaign at Varanasi when he contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi fro the same constituency. Kejriwal not only had ink thrown at him, but the people egged his car. So, it was so difficult to defeat a candidate who successfully became the CM of Gujrat state. The attack was stage-managed to get the political mileage only.


Why Kejriwal becomes the target? Why people attack kejriwal always?

Kejriwal deliberately planned the shoe attack to get fame


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal was caught in the controversy of his dual statements on SYL issue and the entire Punjab state was criticising the AAP supremo for playing cheap politics to dupe people. Moreover, the statement of AAP government came into the limelight of media and the AAP government was badly exposed on SYL row. Even the media was highlighting the other issues like NIT, the suicide by a television serial actress and the cricket matches so Kejriwal had no other option left except hatching an attack on him.

Kejriwal hatched the plan of fake attack, this time he decided shoe attack

A man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal last week while he was speaking about the reintroduction of traffic rationing measures in the national capital.

Ved Prakash of the ‘Aam Aadmi Sena’ threw the shoe at Kejriwal, alleging fake CNG stickers were being distributed in Delhi ahead of the odd-even vehicular scheme. When Ved Prakash hurled a shoe at Kejriwal, he immediately defended himself like a cop. Kejriwal had himself planned the attack and this time he had chosen shoe instead of ink.

He had been feeling lonely as he had nothing to hunt a headline in the media. Finally, he has come up with a plan of shoe attack to get the fame so that he could also defend himself over the Odd-Even formula which was failed completely in Delhi. Moreover, the media had been highlighting the other issues and Kejriwal did not lag behind. After the attack he had continued the press conference as nothing happened there.

A women had threw ink at Kejriwal earlier

A woman threw ink at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in January as he was addressing a session to discuss the Delhi government’s odd-even scheme in Delhi. The woman, who identified herself as Bhavna was from Aam Aadmi Sena, a fraction group of AAP. At that time it was proved the Kejriwal had planned the attack as a women could not have performed the task in a tight security of 30 armed commandoes. Kejriwal had told his commandoes to not come on the stage. The girl had easily thrown the ink at Kejriwal and his deputy. How come it was possible to perform the task in the presence of armed commandoes, police cops and AAP volunteers?

There are other politicians also. Why people only target Kejriwal?

Kejriwal tweet

In 2014, Kejriwal as slapped by a man during a road show in Sultanpuri area of northwest Delhi. This was the second such attack on Kejriwal in April 2014. On March 28, 2014, Kejriwal was hit on his neck by a man claiming to be a supporter of Anna Hazare in Haryana.

Kejriwal and some of his colleagues were victims of an ink attack in Varanasi in March 2014, where he had challenged the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections. An egg was also hurled at his car outside the famous Vishwanath temple on the same day.

There is a question that why people always prefer to attack only the Chief Minister of Delhi. It’s all because he wanted to get publicity and all the previous attacks were also framed by Kejriwal.