Kejriwal is the biggest enemy of Haryana


State assembly passes resolution against him

In the political airs of Haryana, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal’s name making the people furious against him because of his statement on SYL in which he had supported Punjab.

The legislators of Haryana had strongly condemned the statement of the muffler man on SYL issue. On Wednesday, the assembly took up a stand against Kejriwal and unanimously passes a condemnation resolution against the AAP supremo for his remarks that Punjab has no spare water for Haryana.

Dhankar brought resolution against Kejriwal in assembly


OP Dhankar, the Agricultural and Irrigation Minister of Haryana termed the muffler man statement as unfortunate and against the constitutional norms. Moreover, he stressed that the statement of Kejriwal was against the state. He said that the Chief Minister of Delhi has played the political stunt to impress the people. Moreover, Kejriwal deliberately gave his statement as he is eyeing on Punjab polls so that’s why he jumped into a matter which could make him popular in Punjab.  Finally, Dhankar brought the resolution in the assembly against Kejriwal for his remarks on SYL.

House unanimously passed resolution

The resolution unanimously passed in the house by voice voting. The Chief Minister of Haryana told Kejriwal to remain neutral and choose his words carefully. Moreover, the Chief Minister of Delhi was badly criticised by the cabinet minister Anil Vij who wrote against him on his twitter account.

INLD demanded resolution to stop water for Delhi     

The legislators of Indian National Lok Dal also urged the assembly to bring resolution to stop water for Delhi so that the Kejriwal could get a lesson. Moreover, they said that the AAP supremo has no right to comment the issues between Haryana and Punjab state. He should work and concentrate on his own state instead of commenting on the issues of other states. It seems, the AAP national convenor take up such issues which could help him hunting the headlines. For headline hunting, he can do everything.