AAP shielding terrorist, Hafiz Saeed


Pathankot protest was carried out to create obstacle in investigations

The anti-national ideology of AAP has come out in front of the public as the party is not even anti-nation but it is a supporter of anti-national elements and Pakistani terrorists.

AAP protested in Pathankot to crease hurdles in the investigations

The protest of AAP leaders in Pathakot during the investigating team of Pakistan was an eye wash to misguide the Punjabis’. It was a planned trick designed by AAP supremo to create problems in the investigations. Arvind Kejriwal receiving foreign funding and the anti-national elements are supporting AAP.

Kejriwal wanted to shield the master mind of Pathankot air base attack, Hafiz Saeed. The reason behind the move is the foreign funding which the party is receiving from different parts of Europe and US. The terrorist outfits are behind the funding and that’s why Kejriwal directed the Punjab leaders to carry the protest during the investigations so that the investigation could be halted.

AAP supported the Sarbat Khalsa congregation

The Sarbat Khalsa congregation was openly supported by AAP Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur. Even the resolutions passed in the Sarbhat Khalsa were backed up by AAP Punjab leaders. The party leaders had even urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of the slain militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

AAP supported JNU students who shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan

The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP national convenor had openly supported the students of JNU who had shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan and observed the death anniversary of the hanged militant Afzal Guru.

Kejriwal had met Imran Khan and Pak cleric Qadri

 Arvind Kejriwal had met Imran Khan in Delhi and even he had a clandestine meeting with the Pak cleric Muhammad Qadri. The both Pakistani’s are famous to spoil the political atmosphere in Pakistan. Kejriwal had tweeted that he discussed politics with Imran Khan but what type of politics he had discussed.

Why AAP targeting NDA ruling states? AAP targeting NDA ruling states but not touching states under UPA


When the AAP supremo had launched the party in the country, it was told by Arvind Kejriwal that the party would present a unique model in Indian politics. Moreover, the muffler man had promised the public that the party would not act like other parties.

However, in a span of three years of its existence and one year in the regime at Delhi, the party is being exposed in front of the public for its pro Congress approach.

Why AAP targeting NDA ruling states only?  

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It’s a big question in front of the AAP’s national convener Kejriwal that why the party has been targeting those states ruled by NDA only? Why the party has not been touching the states of UPA allies? It’s all because of the pro Congress approach of AAP.

The AAP leaders are deliberately saying that people are fed up with BJP and they even don’t want Congress regime. They always talk on the basis of assumptions not on the reality. But whenever the word Congress comes, the AAP leaders stopped themselves to talk further. Ashutosh, the senior leader of AAP said, “They (people of Goa) neither want to continue with the present government nor they have any love for Congress either. They are looking for an alternative. A clean, honest, performing government, which can make Goa corruption-free.”

The party has also started preparing for Punjab where SAD-BJP alliance is ruling. The recent move of the party to contest assembly polls in Goa in 2017 revealed the dark face of the party that party would only target NDA ruling states. The states having UPA alliances like Uttar Pradesh which is much bigger than Goa and Punjab is not being targeted by AAP. The answer is that Kejriwal is the agent of Congress and he would only target the UPA enemies.

Soft corner for Congress

When the first time the party won 28 seats in Delhi, the party formed the government with the support of Congress. Earlier, the muffler man was boasting that he would put the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit behind bars as he had a proof of 300 pages against her. However, the muffler man took u turn on the statement and started asking BJP for the proof.  I have not seen the Chief Minister of Delhi criticising the Congress leaders or the states having the UPA alliance.