The truth behind the ink attacks on AAP leaders?



In the history of Indian Politics, AAP has emerged on the top as the leaders are being targeted for ink attacks and the party always blame BJP for the ink attacks. A question arises in everyone’s mind that why AAP leaders victimised, and they blame BJP only?

It’s just a stunt to gain political mileage or divert the attention of public from the core issues. A creative uploaded on Aam Aadmi Party-Punjab projected the Chief Minister of Arvind Kejriwal as a hero. A two liner has been describing that the party would write the new chapter of revolution with the ink thrown at Arvind Kejriwal and blaming BJP for the attacks.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia was the victim last week when he was briefing the media about his meeting with LG Najeeb Jung. The national capital has been witnessing tough time as Dengue and Chikungunya broke out in the state. At least 18 people died because of the disease.

When the disease broke out in the state, the entire AAP cabinet was touring in other states for upcoming assembly polls. The Chief Minister was in Bengaluru so his deputy Sisodia was supposed to handle the responsibility of Delhi. However, the Deputy Chief Minister was enjoying holidays in Finland.

Najeeb Jang wrote a letter to Sisodia and called him at his residence to explain the situation of the state and the measures taken by Delhi government. Suddenly, a person hurled ink at Sisodia during the media briefing.

The party blamed BJP’s hand behind the ink attack. However, the facts speak something different. The accused Brajesh Shukla is an old critic of AAP party, and moreover, he was angry because Sisodia was in Finland when the disease broke out in the state. Shukla told the police that Sisodia should have cancelled his tour as the health care facilities in government hospitals are not up to the mark.

However, this was not only the first attack on AAP leader. In April 2016, a man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal when he was announcing the next round of the odd-even scheme. The thrower used to work in AAP party and later formed his group.

It is evident that the Odd-Even scheme was a failure and shoe throwing was stage-managed by AAP party. In January 2016, a woman threw ink at Kejriwal in thanksgiving rally for Odd-Even pilot project.  The woman has easily reached on the stage and threw ink. In fact, Kejriwal himself told his commandoes not to come near the stage. At least 60 armed commandoes with Delhi police were guarding him at that time and how come it was so easy for a woman to come closer to Kejriwal. And the party had blamed BJP for the ink attack.

In 2014, a person attacked Kejriwal during the poll campaign at Varanasi when he contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi fro the same constituency. Kejriwal not only had ink thrown at him, but the people egged his car. So, it was so difficult to defeat a candidate who successfully became the CM of Gujrat state. The attack was stage-managed to get the political mileage only.


Manish Sisodia: Centre is preparing grounds to Impose Prez Rule In Delhi

On Monday Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated alleged allegations on the Centre of preparing grounds for imposing President’s Rule in Delhi.  He further went on saying that it has been attempting to run the city administration even since the AAP came to power.
Sisodia warned the Centre that the AAP dispensation will not spare it if rights of people are violated, in an apparent indication that his party may launch a major campaign for full statehood for Delhi

in the wake of the high court order holding the assembly discussion with the lieutenant governor, the administrative head of the city administration, Sisodia said elected people should be above the selected one.

Earlier this month, the high court had ruled that the Lt Governor is the administrate head of the National Capital Territory and he is not bound by the advice of council of ministers.
“We may be child in politics, but we are not immature. If they (Centre) trouble the people of Delhi, we will not spare them … during the elections, the BJP had supported full statehood demand for Delhi, but now they have forgotten”, says Sisodia.

According to him the AAP government has power on all issues including services related to land, police and public order, ACB despite Delhi being not the full statehood.

In an indirect jab at the Lt Governor, he also said that “elected” should be above “selected” who is not the representative of people, but added masses should be above the elected in the democracy.

He went ahead saying “The central government wants to run Delhi indirectly through President’s rule and that they are up to getting the President’s rule (here) as they did in Arunchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Despite getting raps from the court, they are trying such things.”

However, the opposition leader Vijender Gupta alleged the AAP has always chosen the way of “confrontation” to expand itself in other states to get benefits and that discussing the situation arising out of the court order was in contempt of the order. But that didn’t deter Sisodia as he went on rejecting the claim of Gupta.

AAP failed to release the grant for the study of 16 lakh students

Govt school students waiting for the study material and uniforms


The ruling AAP government has exposed in Delhi as it failed to release the grant for the free study material and uniforms to 16 lakh students. As per the information, the students from class 1 to 8th studying in government are still awaiting for the grant to buy study material and uniform.

The students from class 1 to 8th get reimbursement for the study material and uniform. However, the new academic session has started but there is no news from the concerned department regarding the grant to be released.

AAP exposed on education in Delhi

During the second budget session, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia had boasted that the government has raised the budget allocations for education. He had claimed that the quality of education would be improved this time by the ruling government. However, the ruling regime has completely failed to fulfil its words. As per the information, around 16 lakh students studying in Delhi government schools have been waiting for the grant to be released by the government.

A PIL was filed in Delhi High Court by a NGO, AAP insults the judiciary

The application filed by advocate Khagesh Jha on behalf of NGO, Justice for All, has sought directions to DoE to ensure the study material and uniform, both winter and summer are distributed by March 15. The NGO has contended that DoE presently pays Rs 500 — to children of classes 1 to 5 — and Rs 700 to children of classes 6 to 8 in government and MCD schools, towards reimbursement of cost of books and uniform.

However, actual expenditure on uniforms comes to Rs 2500 per child, it added.
The PIL by the NGO has sought grant of free books and uniform to EWS children admitted in private unaided schools.


However, the AAP has not followed the directions of the court and the session has started in schools. How the quality of education would be improved by the ruling AAP if the students would not get the books?


Kejriwal’s crazy idea to install CCTVs in classrooms


Earlier AAP proposed 15 lakh cameras, but failed to provide the facility

The installation of the 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi for women security was the main agenda of AAP party and it was also mentioned in the party’s manifesto. However, the crazy Kejriwal’s regime failed to fulfil the promise as it is too much costly.

But now the ruling AAP government again proposed the installation of CCTVs in the classrooms of government schools. In the second budget, the Deputy of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia made the announcement during his budget speech.

CCTV cameras in public schools will improve education, foolish Sisodia

The ruling government of AAP boasted that the government want to make the public schools better than private schools.

According to Sisodia, a budget Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for the installation of CCTVs in each classroom of every school, Sisodia said. “We want to make public schools better than private schools,” he said

How come the move would enhance the level of education in government schools? The quality of education can be improved in Delhi only by filling the vacant posts of teachers in government schools. The government has preferred to spend Rs 100 crore on the installation of CCTV camera. It shows the craziness of Delhi CM and his deputy.

The government should fill the backlog of vacant seats of teachers in government schools instead of introducing such a foolish concept. The students need books, proper infrastructure and teachers.

Kejriwal had promised 15 lakh CCTV cameras but failed to do

Kejri cameras

In the party manifesto, the AAP supremo had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi but nothing has been done so far in this regard by AAP regime.

Kejriwal had said “Over 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across Delhi.” The foolish politician had given his statement in haste without considering any logical fact. Even in the developed countries, no city has number of cameras which Kejriwal mentioned in his party manifesto.